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CITT is a non-profit organization created by industry for industry in 1958, under the legal name "Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation". Today, CITT is industry's most experienced, valued and respected source of complete, career-long learning and career-path development open for everyone who buys, sells or manages the flow of goods and product, or is impacted by supply chain logistics. CITT provides:

With accessible, flexible, and affordable online learning, industry-experienced course facilitators and supportive program staff, CITT has helped thousands of successful working professionals develop, demonstrate and deepen their mastery of the business of logistics. CITT is run by a national staff who report to an elected board of directors.

CITT's Specialized Logistics Courses & Certification
(The CCLP Designation)

The CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) designation from CITT is ideal for anyone who buys, sells or manages the flow of goods or product—or is impacted by supply chain logistics. Created for industry, by industry, CITT compresses decades of real-world experience and innumerate hours of logistics experience into professional courses that are developed, updated and facilitated by successful, proven logistics practitioners.

CITT is industry's preferred source for logistics courses, certification and expertise for client—or supplier—side operations. Leading and progressive organizations support their people to come to CITT to accelerate their logistics learning and encourage them to earn—and maintain—industrys most valued credential in the logistics discipline. This keeps their people sharp and their companies smarter.

Thousands of organizations across all commercial sectors have, or have had, employees who are at various stages of professional development and/or full certification with CITT.

CITT supports all kinds of organizations—manufacturers, retailers, import-exporters, and others who ship goods, resources or raw materials. We support those who handle their logistics in-house as well as those who outsource and procure services from specialized providers. The logistics specialist organizations also look to CITT for professional development and ongoing support. Almost all of Canada's major ports, leading transportation companies in all modes, 3/4PLs and many ancillary service providers have student and CCLP designation holders from CITT.

CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals

Thousands of professionals have looked to CITT for professional certification and many maintain their professional designation voluntarily year-after-year. Before they can be certified, CITT's designation holders have proven business and logistics knowledge, CCLP designation holders have amassed over 6,000 hours of relevant experience, provide evidence of on-going professional development every year and commit to follow CITT's Code of Professional Ethics.

Why demand for CITT's CCLP designation is exploding

There's exploding demand for CITT's specialized logistics and business courses leading to a professional designation among organizations of all types and sizes, and across functional roles and seniorities. CITT attributes this to several fundamental dynamics:

  • The supply chain & logistics business complexity is increasing and people with proven abilities give their companies a distinct competitive edge.
  • The demand for qualified staff is outstripping available supply and this will worsen as the boomer exodus starts.
  • People understand that a designation program can help them get smarter, faster and that a designation is the surest way to boost their earning power, advancement potential and access to other career enhancements.
  • CITT is viewed as industry's most experienced, trusted and valued credentialing organization offering the most comprehensive, valued and supported designation.

Proven logistics expertise has compelling impact on key KPIs

A CCLP designation develops and demonstrates abilities. And abilities drive performance.

Uninterrupted supply chain operations are more closely linked to a company's overall financial performance than any other operational factor.1 And recent research out of MIT reports that uninterrupted supply chain operations were more sensitive to skill set and expertise factors than any of the other big factors, such as commodity pricing or the cost of energy and oil.2

Having mature supply chain logistics capabilities in place to avoid or manage supply chain interruptions has compelling impacts on key operating performance indicators, such as:2

  • Total supply chain lead-time variability
  • Total cost
  • Order fulfillment lead time
  • Inventory turns
  • Supply chain assets utilization
  • Total supply chain lead-time
  • Customer service level or fill-rate
  • Sales revenue
  • Market-share
  • Market value

The CCLP designation from CITT provides the kind of ability-building companies need to run profitable, invulnerable and sustainable supply chain logistics operations. And the CCLP designation is proof its holder has met CITT's industry-based, widely-respected, and nationally-recognised standard of expert-ability.

CITT's courses

CITT offers industry's most comprehensive and practical coverage of logistics topics that supply chain logistics professionals need to survive and thrive, including: courses, webinars and a premier conference. All address the Canadian and global perspectives of supply chain logistics.

CITT's deep-level specialized logistics courses are aimed at helping organizations build more invulnerable, sustainable and profitable supply chain logistics operations. Relevant for anyone who buys, sells or manages the flow of goods and product—or is impacted by logistics, they are:

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CITT's set of world-class business management courses are offered in partnership with the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Education. They were carefully selected to develop well-rounded management professionals. People can choose any of the following (with 5 being required for their designation):

CITT's courses lead to more sustainable, invulnerable supply chain and logistics operations.

The CCLP designation and program of study is attainable and is accessible for any professional who wants to do the work:

  • All courses are available online and are accessible anywhere with an internet connection
  • Only 5 technical courses are required for people with business degrees or diplomas
  • A university degree is NOT a pre-requisite for the designation
  • World-class online business management courses are available, if needed
  • Course exemptions are available to recognize relevant past education
  • CCLP is the most affordable supply chain designation/program and has the best ROI in the business.

® CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) is a registered trademark of CITT

1 Hendricks K, Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, Singhal VR, DuPree College of Management, Georgia Institute of Technology. Supply Chain Disruptions & Shareholder Value, 2005.
2 Simchi-Levi, D., Kyratzoglou IM., Vassiliadis CG., Supply Chain and Risk Management: Making the Right Decisions to Strengthen Operations Performance, Study by MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation and PwC, 2013.



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