Put your business education to work

Advanced Academic Standing towards the CCLP designation

Industry's most valued and widely-held professional designation may be closer than you think. If you have a degree or diploma in business from a university or college (like a B.Comm, MBA or a three year college business program diploma), you can apply for advanced standing. If you qualify, you will only need to take CITT's 5-course suite of specialized logistics courses to complete the academic requirement to earn the CCLP designation.

To apply for advanced standing towards the CCLP designation:

  1. Fill out the CCLP Program of Study Advanced Academic Standing Application (PDF)
  2. In addition to the form, you will need to attach course transcripts reflecting the successful completion of a business degree or diploma to your application package.
  3. NEW! To fast-track your application: $390.00 + applicable tax (includes all fees in one simple payment)
  4. OR: Initial assessment fee of: $115 + applicable tax (see chart below)
Province/Territory Tax
ON, 13% HST
PE 14% HST
NB, NL, NS 15% HST


Mail your application to:

Advanced Academic Standing
10 King St. E., Suite 400
Toronto, ON M5C 1C3

Once you've submitted your your application:

  • Applications for Advanced Academic Standing are subject to review and approval by the CITT Admissions Committee.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for your application to be processed. We will make every effort to process your application faster if possible, but to avoid any delays to receiving your CCLP designation, we recommend you allow plenty of time for the exemption application process.
  • You will receive a letter of confirmation when your information has been assessed. If you have not provided payment for exemptions granted to fast track your application, a charge of $275.00 + applicable tax will be assessed at that time. The credits granted will not be applied to your account until this payment is processed. Exemption and assessment fees are tax deductible.
  • CITT’s Advanced Academic Standing application process is a no-risk process—if exemptions are not granted, any fees charged will be refunded in full.

Note: Candidates who have not completed a degree/diploma but have taken some business courses at the university or college level can apply for exemptions against individual business courses.