Local Area Councils

CITT Local Area Councils help to promote the CITT and its designation - as well as the supply chain and logistics profession - at local and provincial levels. Councils ensure members in their area stay current and engaged with CITT through the organization of learning seminars, tours and networking events. Some councils also do fundraisers and volunteer activities local charities.

Currently active CITT Local Area Councils and their Chairs include:

Melissa Mulcahy, CCLP
Vancouver Area Council

Chair: Melissa Mulcahy, CCLP


Deborah Gee, CCLP
Alberta South Area Council

Chair: Deborah Gee, CCLP


Gary Hains, CCLP
Alberta North Area Council

Chair: Gary Hains, CCLP


Jaime DeKelver, CCLP
Saskatchewan Area Council

Chair: Jaime DeKelver, CCLP


Bruce Goodridge, CCLP
Manitoba Area Council

Chair: Bruce Goodridge, CCLP


Duane Chiasson, CCLP
Toronto Area Council

Chair: Duane Chiasson, CCLP


Sylvie St. Laurent

Montreal Area Council
Chair: Sylvie St-Laurent, CCLP


Visit the CITT Event Calendar to see upcoming Area Council events and activities.

If you wish to get involved with your local Area Council, please feel free to contact the council chair in your area using the links above.

If there isn’t a council near you but you would like to get involved, please contact:

Jennifer Traer, CAE
Senior Manager, Member Support & Events
416-363-5696 ext. 32