Montreal Area Council

Sylvie St-Laurent, CCLP - Chair
Jean-Pierre Castell, CCLP - Vice Chair
Michael Loughman, CCLP -  Secretary
Victor Charbonneau, CCLP - Treasurer
Doris D'amours, CCLP - Event Coordinator
Mike Wade - Event Coordinator

Daniel Smedo, CCLP - National Board Rep
Valerie McSween, CCLP - National Board Rep

Directors at large:  Serge Faucher, CCLP, Steven Wishnowsky, CCLP. Michael Tanguay, CCLP, Tracey Raimondo, CCLP, Michel Bauer, CCLP, Stephanie Croteau, CCLP, Stephane Michaud, CCLP

CITT Montreal Area Council Bursary

One annual bursary valued at $750 - $800

The CITT Montreal Area Council, thanks to the generosity of the Canadian Transportation Education Foundation (CTEF) is now making a bursary available for any student residing in Quebec.  The bursary is intended to be applied to any course in the CITT program in which the student will be enrolled in 2018. (CTEF will pay the CITT directly for the course, a value of $750-$800 plus taxes.)

How to apply

All students wishing to apply must send a 1) 250 word essay to on how obtaining the CITT designation and/or their involvement in the CITT Montreal Area Council will benefit them in their career; 2) A signed letter stating that you are not receiving any funding from either your employer or the government for these courses; and 3) A completed CITT course registration.

 Applications must be received by December 4, 2017 at 12:00 noon (cut-off date for submissions). 

Acceptance Process

The CITT MAC Executive Committee will review the applications and decide upon a winner, to be announced by December 16, 2017. If you would like to submit an essay for consideration, or if you have any questions about the bursary, please e-mail  with the word “BURSARY” in the subject line. 

Good luck!




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