Montreal Area Council

Sylvie St-Laurent, CCLP - Chair
Stephane Michaud, CCLP - Vice Chair
Stéphanie Croteau, CCLP -  Secretary
Victor Charbonneau, CCLP - Treasurer
Doris D'amours, CCLP - Event Coordinator
Patrick Smedo, CCLP - Event Coordinator

Daniel Smedo, CCLP - National Board Rep
Valerie McSween, CCLP - National Board Rep

Directors at large: Serge Faucher, CCLP, Steven Wishnowsky, CCLP. Michael Tanguay, CCLP, Michael Loughman, CCLP, Richard Gaudette, CCLP, Tracey Raimondo, CCLP, France Beaudoin, CCLP, Jean-Pierre Castell, CCLP.

CITT Montreal Area Council Bursary

One annual bursary valued at $750 - $800
The bursary for 2017 has been awarded. Check back to this space periodically for upcoming information about the 2018 bursary. 

This bursary has been made available by CITT Montreal Area Council.The CITT Montreal Area Council, thanks to the generosity of the Canadian Transportation Education Foundation (CTEF) for making this bursary available for any student residing in Quebec. 

Congratulations to Armando Hounto, winner of the Montreal Area Council Bursary for 2017!

Stephane Michaud, CCLP (Vice Chair, CITT Montreal Area Council and Sylvie St-Laurent, CCLP (Chair, CITT Montreal Area Council) award Armando Hounto the 2017 CITT Montreal Area Council Bursary


This bursary has been made available by CITT Montreal Area Council.

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