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Packaging Optimization

Discover how to find ~10% in hidden profitability across your supply chain with cross-functional packaging optimization projects

Profitability through Smarter PackagingTuesday, October 27 • 10:30 am - 11:30 am

With recent logistics cost increases far out-stripping sales growth in many companies, there is a lot of pressure on cost containment as well as pressures to go ‘green’. And packaging has long been thought of as the “last frontier for logistics efficiency improvements.” Yet it might be better thought of as one of the first frontiers of profitability.

Companies that understand the linkage between packaging and logistics are able to leverage this knowledge to more easily secure cost reduction and sustainability improvement.

In this session, delegates will learn from a $10 billion Wal-Mart success story as well as from other organizations’ proven best practices and cost-reduction initiatives to improve profitability through smarter packaging.

After attending this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the gains that packaging optimization has across functional areas and budget lines (from the bill of materials, to warehousing and storage to finished goods freight costs)
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities in e-commerce to mitigate the impact of dimensional weight and density based pricing and  appreciate how fast-emerging 3-D printing technology could take pressure off shipping costs
  • Convince their companies of the benefit of involving logistics people more strategically, early in packaging development processes and involve them in key decisions

About the speaker:

Jack Ampuja
Supply Chain Optimizers

Jack Ampuja leads Supply Chain Optimizers, which is the North American leader in packaging optimization with more than 500 completed projects. In the past five years, he has either written or been interviewed for around 50 magazine articles on packaging. In addition to across North America, he has conducted packaging optimization workshops in London, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm.

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