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Sustainability Reports

Increase profits, enhance corporate reputation, lower
costs and mitigate risk by telling your organization’s “sustainability story”—learn how in this interactive workshop

Monday, October 26 • 1:15 pm - 4:00 pm

Shippers and carriers are on the front lines of supply chain sustainability. Canadian supply chains are faced with increasing sustainability issues: Volatile energy costs, concerns about emissions and other forms of waste, workforce skill shortages, demanding customers, lean margins, increasing media coverage and public awareness, growing social and environmental movements.

These are “sustainability” issues; and stakeholders—be they customers, employees, investors or other business partners—want to know how your organization approaches them, which elements of sustainability are most important and what your company is doing to become more sustainable.

Effective sustainability reporting both guides organizational efforts to improve performance and informs stakeholders of those efforts.

This workshop will show delegates the value of creating a robust sustainability report, and who should be consulted to create it. Special focus will be given to industry’s “capacity crunch” and how we can sustain growth considering projected worker shortages. We will also address environmental stewardship goals, how “green” initiatives can affect your business and how they are perceived by your customers and employees.

After attending this session, delegates will be able to:

•    Draft an outline for a sustainability report, noting the key information it should contain
•    Articulate to stakeholders their sustainability status and strong points
•    Build their organization’s reputation for sustainability
•    Implement sustainability practices for higher revenue and lower costs

About the speaker:

Paul D. Larson
CN Professor of Supply Chain Management, University of Manitoba

Paul D. Larson is the CN Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Manitoba.  He has spoken at many supply chain/logistics events, on topics such as sustainability and risk management, including at a past CITT annual national conference and CITT Manitoba Area Council events.  He is also a former director of the Transport Institute, which has a long-standing connection to CITT.

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Paul D. Larson


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