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Inventory and Warehouse Efficiency

Learn what inventory efficiency really means and gain proven methodologies for reducing non-productive inventory – at the root – to increase business profitability 

Friday, October 27 • 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Inventory management is a constant pressure point and cause of financial and associated stress for many companies. Too much of it creates rework, waste and extra costs. You only get paid to touch the product once – so why would you continue to move, store and handle a liability? Too little inventory can result in out of stocks, customer dissatisfaction and even customer loss. Long term business profitability – and even survival – can depend on sufficient controls and processes to effectively manage inventory. Effective inventory management can not only free up valuable warehouse and supply chain capacity, but also enable new business opportunities.

In this session, you’ll learn about where your organization can benefit from a renewed focus on inventory and warehouse efficiency.  You’ll get examples from different industries, demonstrating the universal need for an effective inventory efficiency program in your business. And you’ll get proven strategies for your own inventory efficiency journey – from planning to execution. 


Jim McKay, CCLP
Founder & President, AVLECA Group

Jim McKay is the Founder & President of the AVLECA Group, a boutique consulting firm based in Oakville, Ontario. His firm helps clients develop strategy, deliver programs and drive engagement.  Prior to founding AVLECA, he was a supply chain executive at Walmart Canada, with leadership positions in End to End Supply Chain Strategy and head of the Canadian Transportation team. A past member of the CITT Board of Directors, Jim holds the CCLP designation.

He recently published his first book, “Reflections of a Workaholic” – providing lessons on life and leadership from his twenty plus years in industry. In January 2017, the book hit #1 on the Amazon Best Seller list in the ‘Captains of Industry’ category.

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James McKay, CCLP

Inventory & Warehouse Efficiency
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