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Buying Trends

Get an exclusive, advance view of transportation and economic trends to inform your planning and forecasting for 2018 and beyond  

Friday, October 27 • 10:30 am - 11:15 am

This popular annual session will give delegates a look at Canadian Shipper and the Newcom Business Media Trucking Group’s fresh data on major trends. You’ll get a glimpse of the emerging factors likely to impact your business and forecasts for well-established measures in transportation logistics.

The session will cover:

  • Economic trends affecting transportation:
    • Freight volume expectations for 2018 segmented by region
    • GDP forecasts
    • Manufacturing output
    • New order trajectories
  • Expectations on core pricing and the main factors that are expected to drive rates, including: capacity, legislation and equipment renewal plans

Shippers, carriers, 3PLs--and everyone involved in supply chain logistics--who want a deep look at the state of business to support their planning and decision making will appreciate this valuable research.


Lou Smyrlis
Director Business Development & Research, Newcom Trucking Group

Lou Smyrlis has been researching Canada’s commercial transportation industry for more than 25 years. He is a frequent speaker and a leading authority on industry trends having pioneered several industry research projects. His work has been published by the Harvard School of Business, referenced in university research papers and included in a university textbook on management practices. As a former editorial director of the nation’s largest commercial transportation publications, he is also a winner of several writing awards. 

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