Canada Logistics Conference 2018  -  Learning Sessions  -  Workshop: Improve the Way YOU Negotiate

Improve the Way
YOU Negotiate

This interactive workshop will help both buyers and sellers deliver significant incremental value to their businesses with tangible new negotiating strategies

Thursday, October 25 • 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm*

Commercial negotiation is a vital part of every supply chain operation. An expert negotiator can save money and create value while presenting their business as trustworthy and fair. An incompetent negotiator can leave money on the table and damage their business’s partnerships and reputation.

Mr. Sarafinchan’s negotiation training is demonstrated to consistently create value ranging from increasing sales volumes and profit to cost reductions averaging 10% with some negotiations reducing costs in excess of 30%. This workshop will provide you with his proven tools and techniques that will enable you to think differently, act differently and gain better outcomes for your business whether you are buying or selling transportation and logistics services.

You'll Learn:

  • The behaviours of an effective negotiator
  • Planning an effective negotiation
  • Following through and executing your negotiation plan
  • How to handle negotiation tactics when used on you

This interactive workshop will also involve an opportunity to role-play and put your new skills into practice.


Warren Sarafinchan, CCLP
Global Business Consultant, Zinata Inc.

Warren Sarafinchan has over twenty-five years of experience working in Supply Chain, IT and Sales.  Most recently, he was the Executive Vice President, Sales / Supply Chain for SunRype Products.  Prior to this role, he worked for organizations such as Mars Canada, Labatt Breweries and Maple Leaf Foods.  Warren has lead transformational initiatives ranging from Supply Chain re-designs and ERP implementations to enabling organizations with new skillsets in commercial negotiation and employee engagement. Currently, Warren works with his clients across a broad spectrum of engagements including Supply Chain design and optimization, business strategy, executive coaching as well as professional development and advisory services in commercial negotiation.

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Warren Sarafinchan, CCLP


*NEW for 2018!
Concurrent Workshops

Thursday afternoon features workshops on Negotiation Skills and Personal Branding. All attendees will have the opportunity to attend BOTH sessions. To facilitate smaller groups and more interactivity, each workshop will run twice – once with one half of the group and once with the other half. After your group has attended a workshop, you’ll switch with the other group and attend the second workshop.