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I've never taken an online course before. I'm more comfortable with classroom learning
CITT's online courses are structured very much like classroom-based continuing education and professional development courses. Students have access to a course facilitator, and participate in discussion groups with other students through CITT's interactive online course site. ...

I haven't been a student in a long time. I'm concerned I may not do as well in the courses as I'd like to
The CCLP program of study is designed for supply chain professionals who may not have recent academic experience. Courses are practical, not theoretical or overly academic, and the course facilitators are trade practitioners themselves. Assignments and exams are largely case study based, and involve applying the knowledge and understanding you gain through each course, just as you would on the job. ...

I'm not sure I can afford to take CITT courses
CITT courses are only $800-900 each, and for many courses, this fee includes any required textbooks. What's more, there are no exam fees, and you won't pay any membership fees until you're certified. There's an excellent chance that your employer will support you in taking CITT courses. And if you're paying for yourself, there's great ROI in taking CITT courses and earning the CCLP designation. ...

I'm not sure I'm qualified to take CITT courses and work towards the CCLP designation
Two of CITT's central beliefs are that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed professionally, and that anyone who is willing and able to do the work should be eligible to earn a professional designation from CITT. ...

I'm wondering if it will take too long to earn the CCLP designation and receive the immediate professional benefits I'm looking for
You'll start seeing professional benefits from the minute you register for your first CITT course. Plus, industry's most respected and widely-held professional distance may be in closer reach than you think.. ...

I'm not sure how taking CITT courses and earning the CCLP designation will help my career
Working toward and earning the CCLP designation from CITT improves your supply chain and logistics employability, marketability and earning potential. And you'll start seeing professional benefits from the minute you register for your first CITT course. ...

I'm not sure I'm comfortable studying in English
Because CITT wants to help people to present themselves and their ideas as confidently as possible, we are working to support professionals who have a different mother tongue. In particular, there are several options available for Francophone students. ...

I'm not sure I have the time to take CITT courses
The majority of our students tell us that our logistics foundation courses require between 4-8 hours of study a week. And because all of our courses are offered online, you have a lot of control over when and how you spend that time. ...

Who is the CCLP Designation for?
The CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) designation is for anyone who wants a successful career in buying, selling or managing the flow of goods and materials, or is impacted by supply chain logistics. ...

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