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CITT webinars allow you to learn online from subject matter experts on topics relevant to supply chain & logistics, business management & strategy or career development. CITT webinars are FREE for CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals (CCLPs) and CITT students, and $50 for other industry pros. CCLPs earn 5 CMUs for your first viewing (live or archived) of each webinar.

Explore (and register for) upcoming webinars by topic by simply clicking on any of the topics listed below. CCLPs and registered CITT students can also click here to explore the members-only catalogue of on-demand, previously-aired CITT webinars.

Disruption in Freight Transport and Zero-Emission Energy Systems - September 19, 2018

This webinar will discuss and provoke conversation about where the future of freight transportation is headed and how it can be nudged and guided to meet economic and societal goals (including climate change). Furthermore, participants will have gained a better awareness and understanding of the energy systems that will be required to support freight transportation in the future, whether it be hydrogen, electricity, or another fuel source. Learn moreRegister.

"Take a Load Off": How & Why to Remove Trailer Rooftop Snow - October 31, 2018

With safety and reputation more important than ever in the transportation industry, it may be surprising how little attention some industry professionals pay to snow on their trailer rooftops. Neglecting rooftop snow can lead to huge costs. Luckily, there are smart affordable solutions that transportation professionals can proactively engage to avoid problems. This webinar will discuss the costs involved in snow removal solutions, and give attendees insights on what to look for and what to avoid in a snow removal company or products.​Learn moreRegister.

Updating Your Logistics Brand for the Digital World - December 5, 2018

This webinar will take you through everything you need to know to take your supply chain logistics business online, and to polish up your existing online presence. The content is simple and concise, so even those unfamiliar with digital marketing will be able to learn and follow along. Learn moreRegister.

Industry Outlook and Analysis 2019 - January 30, 2019

This popular annual webinar will cover trends and predictions for 2019 and beyond in Canada’s transportation industry, with a particular focus on surface transportation. Learn moreRegister.

Industry Salary Survey Results - February 13, 2019

Is your logistics job paying what it should? Are you paying those reporting to you what you should be?​ Find out as Canadian Shipper research director Lou Smyrlis walks you through the results of the Survey of the Canadian Logistics Professional, the most comprehensive study of our profession’s remuneration and career trends. Learn moreRegister.