Automating Export Compliance 

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Facilitator: Kevin Riddell, CCLP - Director, International Logistics - The Tremco Group

Air Date: June 1 2017, 12:00-1:00 EDT

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International trade compliance is becoming an increasingly important aspect of business, for several reasons, including changing political climates and increases in enforcement, increased public awareness, changing trade patterns and more. Companies exporting from Canada need to ensure they are compliant, or they risk significant penalties and loss of export privileges. Many of these rules and regulations have a complexity that is impossible to comply with manually. Automation is required for full compliance, and this presentation will review why, and how to properly use automation. 

Companies exporting from Canada, particularly to countries other than the USA, must ensure that they are compliant with Canadian rules, and frequently also USA rules. These rules and regulations are too complex for a manual solution, and necessitate some sort of automation to properly protect your business. This presentation will discuss automation options, and share best practices and lessons learned from the presenter’s experience.

By viewing this webinar, you'll:

  • Understand why automation is essential for trade compliance
  • See automation in action, using SAP Global Trade Services as the example
  • Understand the various options available in the automation market
  • Gain insights and valuable tips for building an automation business justification
  • Learn best practices from previous implementations


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Automating Export Compliance

About the facilitator:

Kevin Riddell, CCLP Director, International Logistics. The Tremco Group

Kevin Riddell is the Director, International Logistics for the Tremco Group. The Tremco Group is a leading manufacturer of construction and waterproofing products, based in Ohio, with a large presence in Canada and other countries. He has worked for Tremco for 23 years, beginning in Canada and expanding to global responsibilities. While living in Canada, he splits his work time between the USA and Canada. He is the business process owner for SAP GTS, which Tremco uses as a Global Trade Management tool. Kevin is responsible for all trade and customs related compliance, for Tremco Group entities worldwide, covering imports and exports. He has spoken at multiple events about trade regulations and customs, and the use of automation to ensure compliance. He is the coauthor of the 2-part book “Practical Guide to SAP GTS”. He is the chair of the Americas SAP User’s Group (ASUG) User Influence Council for SAP GTS, and an active member of the global trade compliance community.