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CITT is pleased to partner with industry thought leaders for on-demand webinars relevant to logistics professionals available online 24/7

Every month, CITT offers live webinars for the professional development of all supply chain logistics professionals. After they've been presented, we select our top-rated webinars and make them available on-demand - and once you purchase a webinar, you'll be able to watch it as many times as you want, so you can review it or watch it with colleagues. 

Access to the webinar of your choice is only $75, and is available FREE to CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals and CITT students here. Please note that after you purchase a webinar, it may take up to two business days for your request to be processed. Having trouble registering? Just email JTraer@citt.ca or call Jennifer Traer at 416-363-5695 ex 32.

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On-demand webinars

Transportation Buying Trends for 2016 - Lou SmyrlisIndustry Outlook and Analysis 2017    Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by Lou SmyrlisGroup Publisher, Truck News, Truck West, Truck Tech, Today’s Trucking, and
Kevin Chiang
CFA, Institutional Equity Research, CIBC Capital Markets | CIBC World Markets Inc.
This popular annual webinar will cover trends and predictions for 2017 and beyond in Canada’s transportation industry, with a particular focus on surface transportation. There is also a dedicated period in which the audience asks questions and discusses the presentation content.

Critical Aspects of Temperature-Sensitive Supply Chains - Douglas Harrison, CCLPCritical Aspects of Temperature Sensitive Supply Chains  Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by Douglas Harrison, CCLPPresident & CEO, VersaCold
This presentation, led by respected industry leader Douglas Harrison, gives you analysis of trends and important fundamentals of temperature-sensitive supply chains, covering regulation, warehousing, transportation, and more. The session covers many best practices invaluable to professionals across all supply chains.

Smarter Transportation Bidding with Cloud Sourcing Technology - Daniel Vendette, CCLP and Mark MaxwellNew Strategies for Managing Risk and Growth    Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by Sean Mckinnon, CCLP, Risk Management Consultant – Euler Hermes North America
In this webinar, you’ll learn how to grow your supply chain logistics company’s sales while mitigating risk and protecting your bottom line. You’ll learn how you can leverage your A/R to get access to increased bank financing, reduce your bad debt reserve and get a competitive advantage on your competition.

Letters of Credit - Charlie Kelly Morgan and Sherri LaneLetters of Credit    Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by Charlie Kelly Morgan, Vice President, Customer Satisfaction, Trade Technologies Inc. and Sherri Lane, Director of Consulting and Insurance Services, Trade Technologies
This presentation covers the principles of letters of credit (LOCs) including confirmed LOCs, international LOCs, the SWIFT format and more - and how you can use them to securely and efficiently mitigate risk and assure credit.

Lean Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization - Rod MorganLean Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization    Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by Rod Morgan, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Program Manager and Chief Instructor for the Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma programs at the renowned Schulich School of Business
Gain an introduction to Lean Logistics and learn not only how to effectively map a value stream within the supply chain, but also how to apply specific tools and methods to remove identified waste and constraints, moving towards an optimized and sustainable Lean supply chain.

Incoterms - Laurie Turnbull, CCLPBills of Lading    Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by William Tackaberry, CCLP, CEO, Frate Savers Inc, and Proprietor, TCRC Freight Legal Services
This webinar will provide attendees with an in-depth discussion of Bills of Lading. William Tackaberry, CCLP, will discuss the impact on Bills of Lading by electronically transmitted contracts of carriage, and review existing Bills of Lading, substituted documents, exempt Bills of Lading, and more.

The Logistics for Trust - John Dalla CostaThe Logistics for Trust     Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by John Dalla Costa, Founding Director of the Centre for Ethical Orientation
Trust and reputation are increasingly becoming importent competitive differentiators. This webinar examines the crucial role trust plays for logistics professionals. As well as laying out theshifting trust landscape, it provides practical guidance for co-managing supply chains with trust-earning integrity.

Road Transportation - Jacquie Meyers, CCLPExport Controls    Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by Kevin Riddell, CCLP, International Logistics Manager, North America - Tremco Group 
By viewing this hour-long webinar, you’ll get a deeper appreciation of export controls and learn how to develop a robust, efficient and automated compliance program. You’ll see several examples of specific scenarios and penalties and understand how to deal with them.

Road Transportation - Jacquie Meyers, CCLPOptimizing Inventory Efficiency    Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by James McKay, CCLP, Founder & President, AVLECA Group
In this webinar, you’ll learn about inventory efficiency and its importance within the End to End Supply Chain. What does inventory efficiency actually mean? How can you define it, measure it and develop the appropriate ways of working to control it in your business? You’ll get answers to these questions using examples from different types of industries, demonstrating the universal need for an effective inventory efficiency program in your business.

Managing Risk in International Trade - Laurie Turnbull, CCLPKPIs: Measuring for Success    Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by Laurie Turnbull, CCLP, P.MM, Supply Chain Consultant, Cole International
In this webinar, Laurie Turnbull, CCLP explores the benefits of KPIs and how the successful business identifies and measures the right KPIs to gain actionable insights. You'll gain invaluable examples of logistics KPIs and how leading transportation experts use KPIs to make decisions. 

Tranportation Management Systems - Larry Mitchell, CCLPTransportation Management Systems (TMS)    Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by Larry Mitchell, CCLP, Manager, Centralized Transportation Management, Royal Building Products
This webinar will give you an overview of a TMS, how they can take the guesswork out of your operations, and common features including carrier procurement and freight payment. It also discusses the advantages of using a TMS, including the ability to make data-based decisions.

Transportation Negotiation and Contracts - Ginnie Venslovaitis, CCLPTransportation Negotiation and Contracts    Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by Ginnie Venslovaitis, CCLP, Transportation and Supply Chain Professional, EG Enterprises Inc.
This session, led by a deeply experienced shipper with both a large consumer packaged goods company and a large North American retailer, will cover successful and proven strategies to consider and what pitfalls to avoid during your carrier negotiations.

Logistics Professionals and AccountingLogistics Professionals and Accounting     Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by Perry Lo CCLP, CAP, CA, Founder and President, Canaan Transport Group Inc.
This session, ideal for those without a deep educational background in accounting, gives a logistics-focused review of financial statements and the types of reports they generate, and how you can better apply them in your work. This webinar also does a quick run-through of a public company’s financial statement.

Demystifying the Role of the Freight Forwarder - Jeff CullenDemystifying the Role of the Freight Forwarder     Learn more •  Order this webinar now
Presented by Jeff Cullen, President and CEO North America, Bellville Rodair International
Get the facts about the freight forwarder - one of the major players in the logistics industry. Also covered in the context of freight forwarders is information about insurance, letters of credit, claims, protecting your interests overseas, and running bids / tenders.