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Applying the principles and techniques of project management to logistics

Facilitator: Daniel Smedo, CCLP, VP, Client Solutions, General Manager, Metro Supply Chain Group


Air Date: November 8, 2017, 12-1 PM EST

Cost: $75 (FREE for CCLPs and CITT students)

CMUs: Certified CITT members earn 5 CMUs for their first viewing of this webinar (live or recorded). 


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Any task can be a project. So it is critical to understand some fundamental project management principals, tools and techniques, and apply them rigorously to deliver projects successfully on time and on budget. In the world of Logistics, nothing ever stops, so most projects we undertake are done concurrently with daily operations that must continue to run efficiently. There is no Down Time.

This webinar will define key terms used in project management, explain the basic principles of running a successful project and the importance of creating a collaborative team. It will then go through two examples of very different projects and examine how the same basic process applies to both.

After this webinar, participants will have good understanding of project logistics management and will be able to apply best practices, manage and deliver a project leveraging communication and collaboration, and finally improve final outcomes via formal post project reviews.


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About the facilitator:

Daniel Smedo, CCLP, VP, Client Solutions, General Manager, Metro Supply Chain Group

Daniel Smedo is Vice President, Client Solutions and General Manager with Metro Supply Chain Group. He has over 25 years of experience in successfully managing a wide variety of projects, large and small, all related to Logistics. Daniel has a Masters Degree in Management from McGill University, is a National Board Member of the CITT and participates in numerous conferences as a guest speaker.