Earn 5 CMUsReverse Logistics and Remanufacturing
Turning a Cost Centre into a Profit Centre

Facilitator: Eian Campbell, CCLP, Director of Operations, Danby Products Limited

Air Date: September 13, 2017

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Direct-to-consumer business is growing rapidly from traditional brick and mortar, but customer returns continue to be a cost borne by the supplier. In the appliance sector, returns can be over 4% of units sold - and even higher on seasonal products. In this webinar, through the example of the appliance business, you'll learn key areas for suppliers to turn this cost activity into a profit center, with useful takeaways no matter what sector you operate in.

With extremely tight margins, a product that cannot be sent to landfill due to refrigerants (damaging ozone layer) and bulky, heavy units with a high return freight cost dictates that these costs are a drain on profitability -  but they really provide an opportunity. This webinar will cover:

  • The current state of reverse logistics
  • Cost reduction strategies (both pre-purchase and post-purchase)
  • Triple bottom line opportunities
  • Freight negotiations strategies
  • Remanufacturing strategies
  • B-channel opportunities

By attending this webinar, you'll understand freight strategies for returned merchandise, key opportunities in analyzing returned merchandise, and re-selling strategies.
This session will be invaluable to operations, facilities, procurement, and transportation managers, and will also provide fascinating insights and learning for anyone involved in the supply chain.

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About the facilitator:

Eian Campbell, CCLPDirector of Operations, Danby Products Limited

Eian Campbell, CCLP, has been working in the supply chain logistics business for over 30 years, with duties such as warehousing, foreign markets, inventory control, and transportaition including drayage, OTR, courier, and intermodal. He has held his current role as Director of Operations for Danby Products for 19 years, where he manages company-owned warehouses as well as those operated by 3 and 4pls, transportation in Canada, the US, and Mexico. Mr. Campbell currently sits on CITT's Board of Directors.