Logistics Conferences & Briefing Events  -  Canada's Logistics Briefing 2022

Canada's Logistics Briefing is an annual interactive, online event presented by CITT, Canada’s Logistics Association. Entirely online and easily accessible across the country, Canada's Logistics Briefing 2022 will run from November 8-9 with briefing sessions that are highly relevant, data-driven, and address the burning issues present and future-facing Canadian logistics professionals. It will be a can’t-miss event for everyone who needs expert insights and analysis from top thought leaders and businesses.

Engaging Online Experience

Since the spring of 2020, CITT has been presenting leading-edge online events that exceed attendee and sponsor expectations. Canada’s Logistics Briefing will run on PheedLoop – an innovative virtual events platform, whose other partners include TEDx and NASA.

The event isn’t a set of “talking head” videos. It’s opportunities for interaction, idea-sharing, and networking between the learning. All with a fully integrated briefing game, keeping attendees engaged with speakers, each other, and our sponsors.

CITT has already run many events online using this platform, with attendees and sponsors alike thrilled with the outcome. Don’t miss your chance to make a lasting impression in this state-of-the-art thought leadership event.

Who Attends?

The event brings together professionals from across Canada as well as the local supply chain logistics community and features leading-edge learning delivered by respected industry thought leaders. The learning program is specifically curated to have content useful and relevant to everyone in the supply chain, and networking events bring together professionals from a range of roles and seniorities from across Canada. Attendees include professionals working in:

Supply Chain Management • Project Management • International Trade • Distribution Transportation  Warehousing Third-Party Logistics Exports Operations Freight Forwarding Purchasing Manufacturing Customs Marketing & Sales Business Leadership  ... and anyone involved in buying, selling or managing the flow of goods and materials.

Thought leadership and other sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Tracy Persoglio at tpersoglio@citt.ca or 416-363-5696 ext. 32 to learn more. View our Sponsorship Brochure here.


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