Benefits of Industry Certification in Supply Chain Logistics from CITT

You might ask: "What’s the payback for professional certification, particularly when economic conditions are challenging and spending is tight?" Good question. Whatever the economic climate, it’s always wise to invest in yourself. But when times are tougher, companies really lean on—and value—people with strong supply chain logistics expertise. People with strong abilities can literally make or break their business. And pros with specialized logistics expertise and a designation from CITT to prove it can deliver value in many ways.

CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals can deliver:

  • More profitable, reliable and sustainable supply chains and logistics operations
  • More controllable operations, less vulnerable to damaging risks and trade compliance infractions
  • Better maneuverability to respond to the major, beyond-your-control disruptions to the global supply ecosystem that impact the majority of companies1

Many professionals decide to invest in their own professional certification. Doing so is a proven investment to boost your earning power, enhance your advancement prospects and support your continuing employability—as well as give you a hedge against the dynamics of our crazy, cyclical economy. But don’t be shy about asking your employer to support your professional development plan, too. Independent research indicates that 81% of employers in our sector will pay for education.2 The people who ask for career development usually get it.

Holding the CCLP designation improves your employability & marketability,
and distinguishes you from the competition

The most objective study in the Supply Chain sector recently concluded that there are better career outcomes for certified professionals who belong to their certifying organizations, such as CITT—including earning a higher salary than their uncertified peers.3 And experience shows that people who carry a nationally recognized, industry-granted professional credential are in a much stronger position to compete for jobs and get other career enhancements than those without credentials.4

So your decision to earn and maintain your CCLP credential pays off by:

  • Helping you command better compensation and other professional enhancements
  • Distinguishing you from others for jobs and promotions
  • Positioning you more strongly for job changes and career recoveries
  • Giving you credibility as a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional, who has met the qualifications to both earn and continue to hold industry’s most respected and widely held logistics designation

The CCLP course of study and designation has the best ROI in the business,
and can quickly pay for itself

The credibility and reputation of your CCLP designation is the core value you'll receive from your CITT membership. CCLP will quickly and clearly communicate your specialized logistics expertise, your experience and integrity as a professional. And beyond that, sector research shows that members can get an annual salary boost equivalent to the entire cost of taking all 10 CITT courses.3 Meaning your certification could pay for itself—and then some, if you need to take fewer than 10 courses to earn it—in your very first year as a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional. And once you're certified, the annual membership fee can pay for itself in less than 8 weeks, even if you only take advantage of a few of the value-added benefits available to you as a certified CITT member, with a benefit-to-cost ratio greater than 10:1.

No other professional credential says "Logistics Expert" as decisively as CCLP

The professional designation from CITT has proven supply chain industry relevance and recognition, and outranks all other logistics designations 3:1.5 CCLP is also the supply chain sector's leading non-purchasing-oriented professional credential.6 Fully 50% of logistics professionals choose CCLP.7

CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals also enjoy the following member support & services:

Professional development & resources

National multi-media promotion of your CCLP designation & CITT education

Career Centre


  • Participate in a community of over 2,000 industry professionals from across Canada and around the world.
  • Attend local and national networking events. Meet, collaborate and problem-solve with colleagues and make other important industry connections.
  • Searchable online membership directory. Connect with your fellow CITT members and students.
  • LinkedIn group. Join CITT’s LinkedIn community—which now has over 1,900 members and counting—and have a connection point to the world’s largest online professional network.

CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals can also:

  • Enjoy preferred rates on your home, auto and pet insurance through an exclusive CITT group plan


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