CITT can help you become as expert in logistics as you are in procurement

Many purchasing professionals are now managing the flow of goods or materials and are sharing in the responsibility for ensuring uninterrupted supply chain operations. That's logistics. And chances are good you're facing this role expansion without the benefit of specialized, logistics-specific professional education or certification. CITT can help you with deep, expert-level logistics cross-training and certification.

Purchasers' experience adding CITT's incremental abilities:

Annette Cartwright, CCLP"I had a strong purchasing background but my transportation knowledge was very limited. Moving into a new position in a new organization, I felt I needed to expand my knowledge. The CPP touched a little on transportation, but nothing like the CITT program covers."

Annette Cartwright, SCMP, CCLP
Transportation Analyst
Alberta Newsprint Company

"I felt that a second designation was beneficial to any future career growth. I also I believe the designation from CITT complements the SCMP designation."

Sharilyn Light, SCMP, CCLP
Material Planner/Analyst

You can complement your purchasing knowledge with CITT's expert-level, 5-course suite of specialized logistics courses

I want to know more about CITT courses and the CCLP designationWith the CCLP course of study, you can add "Professional Logistics Expert" to your supply chain credentials and more transport-ability to your resume. CITT's courses will equip you with a depth of understanding that is more complete and comprehensive than any other, similarly named set of industry courses offered anywhere in Canada. Take three core courses and pick two electives. After completing these courses, you'll have the best technical foundation for profitably managing stable, sustainable (multi-modal) supply chain and logistics operations available today. Then you'll be eligible to complete your CCLP professional certification from CITT and carry industry's most widely-held and respected professional designation in logistics.

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CITT believes in making supply chain and logistics certification attainable for anyone who is prepared to meet our high, industry-recognised and respected-standard of functional proficiency. That's why all of our courses, certification and certification maintenance is affordable and accessible to anyone internet access.

The proof of the benefits of cross-certification with CITT is in your peers' praise:

"The content of CITT courses is very useful to me, and likely to others in procurement. I find that purchasers tend to get involved with the movement of goods through an immediate purchase or vendor specific contract, but less often the broader service offerings like lane services, or in-house versus outsourced fleet services (outside of strategizing or facilitating a competitive bid process). I believe that those with the added knowledge provided through the CITT program tend to look beyond the transport of immediate purchases with one vendor relationship and consider the overall service offering from a carrier in relation to the impacts on volumes, origin/destination, service types, service levels, and other key factors."


Kim Arih, CCLP"Both designations are continuously part of my leadership, process and service analysis and decision judgment. Having both provides a broader depth of knowledge to draw from and enables me to be more confident during analysis of issues, communicating details to all levels of the company and making decisions that align with the direction of the company's objectives. "

Kim Arih, SCMP, CCLP

"When I was looking for employment, having both designations offered me a variety of job opportunities and avenues to take. Also, a lot of companies liked the dual designations when I was in the interview process."

Sharilyn Light, SCMP, CCLP
Material Planner/Analyst

"Holding both designations was a great asset for me to align my personal and professional development with the growth of my organization, allowing me to be part of the company’s expansion and continued success. I believe that having both designations enabled me to achieve the position of Supply Chain manager for Western Canada, which I've had for the past 5 years."

Kim Arih, SCMP, CCLP

"I tend to think of myself as a supply chain professional with exposure in procurement, transportation logistics, and other areas of the overall field of study. Given that my career has been geared primarily toward procurement (although incorporating transportation responsibilities), prior to my certification from CITT I thought of myself as primarily procurement professional."



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