Add incomparable expertise to your supply chain logistics operations

Support, hire or develop a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional® (CCLP)

Businesses that lead their industries invest in their people. Training and succession planning are more important than ever for short-term stability and long-term durability as skills gaps are widening and an aging workforce prepares to retire. As businesses are beginning to discover, nowhere is this vulnerability as clear as it is in a company's supply chain operations. That’s because research shows us that supply chain logistics has a bigger impact on companies' performance than any other input.1

Click here to download the guide to CCLP for employers and HRCITT and its CCLP designation is industry’s preferred source for abilities-building in the business of supply chain logistics, chosen 3:1 over all other non-purchasing-related designations, and was rated as industry’s most valued logistics designation/program.2,3 Whether they’re looking to add corporate profitability by protecting supply chain operations, building the future of their human resources strategy, or increase employee loyalty, more employers value CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals.

Below are some of the most important benefits of hiring a CCLP, supporting CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals in your employ in maintaining their designation, or supporting the training required for your employees to become CCLPs. Follow the links for more information. You can also download a free copy of the Employers' Guide to CITT courses and the CCLP designation (PDF).

Immediately add practical and relevant logistics abilities to your business

The CCLP program of study compresses decades of logistics knowledge into a suite of 5 interlocking and progressive courses that accelerate and complement on-the-job learning. Students gain ability-based outcomes from case studies and formal reports, which builds skills that are immediately applicable to your company’s supply chain logistics operations. And even pros with over a decade of experience report they have learned and benefitted from CITT courses. Learn more about the immediate benefits a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional or employee taking CITT courses can deliver.

Boost your corporate profitability with deep supply chain logistics expertise

Many businesses underestimate the importance of supply chain logistics to their bottom line. Some assume that a supply chain professional with skills and expertise might not make a big impact on operations compared to other factors. Others underestimate the importance of their supply chain professionals, who can remain in the background even as they ensure the business runs profitably and efficiently. But it turns out that uninterrupted supply chain operations are more closely linked to a company’s overall financial performance than any other operational factor.4 Learn more about the impact mature skill sets of supply chain logistics employees has on your business.

Protect your supply chain performance from unexpected disruptions

The globalization of the world economy has meant more companies do business or have operations in foreign countries, which can be prone to bizarre weather patterns, political turmoil and other great disruptions. Some executives assume this is just “the cost of doing business” and supply chain disruptions are inevitable. But mature supply chain logistics expertise and systems can anticipate these disruptions and build contingencies to protect your bottom line and give your business financial and operational invulnerability. Learn more about how a CCLP will protect your business from disruptions.

Bring elite business skills into your supply chain logistics operations

Before being granted the CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) designation, candidates must amass over 6,000 hours of on-the-job experience, and developed or demonstrated general business abilities. If they don’t have a formal business education or significant senior management experience, they’ll take five business courses that CITT offers in exclusive partnership with the world-class University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. Learn more about why your supply chain logistics needs a strong business management skill set.

Boost critical HR outcomes like retention by investing in professional development

Many leading employers invest in the education or certification of people they already have on staff. That’s because investing in professional development for your employees has been proven to deepen their commitment to your company. It creates a sense of reciprocity between employer and employee, and increases productivity, retention, attitude and more. Learn about the benefits of investing in professional development like supply chain logistics certification with CITT.

Increase your corporate credibility by adding the holder of a world-leading designation to your staff

CITT is one of industry’s most experienced professional development and certification organizations in the supply chain and logistics sector. Not all professional development programs and credentials are equivalent, and the CCLP designation meets all the requirements of a world-leading designation, including requiring proof of professional development for renewal and an ethical conduct contract. Learn more about how CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals hold a world-class designation, and how that can benefit your company.

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