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Companies interested in connecting with the 2021-22 graduating class can contact Tracy at to sign up for the CITT & Centennial College Online Professional & Student Networking Event happening on Zoom on March 23 from 4:00-6:00 PM EST


Supply Chain Management – Logistics

Location: Progress Campus. Toronto, Ontario. Map
Telephone: 416-289-5000 ext. 2280
International Students: Accepted
Admission Requirements:

  • Degree or a three-year college diploma in any discipline
  • Applicants may be considered if they have a two-year college diploma or partial (minimum 75%) university degree completion and a minimum of two years' work experience relevant to the program (transcript and resume review required).

Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Program Type: Graduate Certificate program
Program Length: 1 year/ 2 semesters (full time)
Co-op: Optional

For full details, visit program webpage

Centennial College’s Supply Chain Management – Logistics program is the first in Canada to be recognized as a Centre of Excellence in Logistics Learning. Centennial College has a longstanding partnership with CITT. And CITT recognizes that this program meets the high, competency-based standards certified by the CCLP® (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) designation.

Graduates who successfully complete this program meet all the academic requirements to apply for the CCLP designation with no additional testing or fees required*. If they also have three years of industry work experience (including Canadian and international experience), they are eligible to apply for their CCLP designation right away. If not, they can apply to become CITT Articling Participants, accessing the network and many additional perks while they accumulate their required experience.

  1. CITT specialized logistics courses embedded in this program include:
    • Transportation Systems
    • Logistics Processes
    • Transportation Law
    • Economic Influences on Logistics
    • Integrated Logistics
  2. This program also covers the comptencies required to meet the general business course credit requirements to earn the CCLP designation.

Graduates of this program will be well-equipped for successful careers in logistics. And through connection with CITT, will have access to the network and community of professionals working across the industry, across the country.

Nadira Singh

"Centennial College graduates not only receive a post-graduate certificate from Centennial College upon graduation but also meet the academic requirements to apply for the CITT-Certified Logistics Professional® (CCLP) designation. Acquiring the CCLP designation will give our graduates a competitive advantage as they have demonstrated an academic commitment to understanding and excelling in the supply chain management & logistics specialization area. Additionally, the expanded knowledge base provided by the CCLP designation will hold the potential to translate into increased learning potential and professional credibility for Centennial College students within domestic and international supply chain sectors." 

Nadira Singh, Acting Chair, Business & Management Studies, The Business School Centennial College

Leandro Silva, CCLP

"I had a lot of industry experience in Brazil but needed to adapt to a career in Canada. Centennial’s program gave me a good understanding of the business environment in Canada. Plus, the opportunity to be a CITT member was really important for helping me to connect with people and companies. After I graduated from Centennial, I got my first job. Then, as soon as I got the CCLP designation, I was promoted again. It also was important to move for my current position, where the CCLP was a requirement. By using the program as a springboard to my CCLP, I was able to get a jump-start on my career goals here in Canada."

Leandro Silva, CCLP, Logistics Manager, Paradigm Electronics

Natalia Nakasato, CCLP

"The CITT and Centennial College partnership takes the Supply Chain & Logistics program to the next level. All of our instructors were professionals with years of experience who brought the most updated content to the classroom. Since I had previously worked in Logistics, I was able to receive my designation upon graduation from Centennial and by completing the CITT modules that were part of the program. The industry recognizes the credibility of this designation, and it definitely helped me to stand out and land in a good job after my graduation."

Natalia Nakasato, CCLP, Associate Manager, International Logistics, TOTAL Fine Arts