Tom Pauls, CCLP

Toronto Area Council

Chair: Tom Pauls, CCLP
Vice-Chair: Denise Ponte. CCLP & Michael Gomes, CCLP
Treasurer: Christina Laskaris, CCLP
Secretary: Andrew Paxton, CCLP
Events Coordinator: Rajendran Ponnuswamy, CCLP

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About the Toronto Area Council (what we do for your community)

The CITT Toronto Area Council (TAC) has been in existence since 1965 – nearly as long as the CITT organization itself.  It has seen many changes over the years, but the main purpose of TAC has remained the same; to provoke thought, to invite discussion and to promote learning. The scope and importance of the networking found at these events has grown over the years and all events are quality driven.

Eventbrite is our primary method of advertising events and allowing our members to sign up for them. You will also see an uptick in our use of twitter this year and a few other social media channels. Follow us on @CITTinTAC.

We now have 5 main pillar events throughout the year;

  • Golf Tournament
  • Holiday Helpers, an exclusive gift wrapping night for TAC members and their families
  • a bursary available to two students
  • a holiday get-together to celebrate the festive season;
  • The Terry Fox Run as participants in September Nationwide

We also have many tours, speaking events, and general meetings to keep everyone informed and invite all to help participate. All events are available to Certificate Maintenance Units (CMU’s).

Support us by attending or finding out about sponsorship opportunities. These events are all about a successful CITT and student community. Your embracing of them make your experience of the designation stronger through your very own community.

The members of the TAC Executive team are the individuals that help move the council along and allow us to have so many successful events. All are volunteers and happy to invest considerable time, effort and energy for CCLP members, students and other logistics professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. And at the same time being able to network themselves and improve their brand and give back to the community. Their names are already mentioned at the head of this article. But there are others that come along from time to time to help set up single events. And let’s not forget the event site contacts and the tour guides. We welcome your attendance and your assistance.

CITT Toronto Area Council Bursary

Two annual bursaries of $495 each

The CITT Toronto Area Council is now making two $495 bursaries available to any student residing in the GTA registered in the CITT program in 2019.

Qualifications: To qualify, you need to have to be responsible for paying your own course registration fees.

‎To apply please go to:

Applications due by Oct 4, 2019 The CITT TAC Executive Committee will review the applications and decide upon a winner, to be announced at the CITT TAC general meeting in late 2019. 

If you have any questions

This bursary has been made available by CITT Toronto Area Council.

Congratulations to the 2018 recipients, Tessa Pallasch-Pearson and Petras Urbonavicius


For more information on the Toronto Area Council, to host an event or general meeting or to find out ways to get more involved please contact William Moseley at

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