Control Towers

Find out what a transportation control tower is and how top organizations use the data they collect to build supply chain maturity that increases visibility and decreases costs

Thursday, October 23 • 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

There’s an increasing abundance of data, metrics, and tracking available to supply chain logistics decision-makers. The sector is in need of better ways to aggregate that data and make sense of it, and technology is that solution. That’s why top tier organizations have been early adopters of multi-party, cloud-based TMS solutions, commonly known as transportation control towers. But a control tower can be complex, so there’s also the need to optimize them—because incorrectly implementing a control tower can cost capital and ROI that isn’t fully realized.

This session will cover how to effectively implement a transportation control tower by embracing technology, improving visibility, reducing resource costs and the overall transportation network costs. The benefits of control tower capabilities are impressive, with a substantial saving in time-to-problem-resolution of 46%, and cash-to-cash cycle of 7 days, equating to a 12.7% reduction in deployed cash. Even if your business sees best-in-class SCL operations as a distant possibility, a control tower will help you characterize how an end-to-end holistic view of your supply chain would operate—and how you can get there.

After this session, delegates will understand the fundamentals of transportation control towers and how to use them to improve:

  • Shipment optimization
  • Visibility to shipment status
  • Shipment execution to reduce freight costs
  • The accuracy of freight budgets


Ryan Bloor, CCLP, PMP, is a sector veteran who has been implementing transportation control towers for 8 years, with 21 years of industry experience. Ryan has worked in logistics project management, including optimizing warehousing and receiving and shipping operations. He also has experience as a trade compliance manager and 8 years in various leadership roles.

Oliver Heath, CCLP, P.Log, has been with Celestica for 22 years. Before his current role on the logistics services team, he worked for 8 years on the logistics process team, where he developed and supported a large range of operations. Oliver has also worked in educating the sector, developing training packages and delivering operations training. Oliver is a Sigma Six Green Belt and a certified Project Management Professional.


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Ryan Bloor, CCLP


Oliver Heath, CCLP


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