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Making Sense
of Big Data

Go beyond the buzz and find out how analyzing key data can help you develop best-in-class supply chain performance and make your company more profitable

Friday, October 24 • 8:30 am - 10:00 am

With so much available to businesses, the challenge isn’t so much what you know anymore—it’s determining what’s important and being able to use it to make smart decisions. Big data is big. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. And it can help you develop the best-in-class supply chain operations that result in averages of 25% higher annuals sales growth than businesses with inferior operations.

Between increasing regulation and complexity and the new norm of volatile demand, it’s no secret that supply chain logistics is becoming more complicated all the time. And as technology advances, we’re able to collect data about nearly everything in supply chain operations, meaning we can make informed decisions—if we know what to look at, and how to look for it in the information we have. That’s being smart with Big data.

Big data is a technology term used to describe the massive, and increasing, amounts of data that can be captured and used to help businesses make decisions. Applied to supply chain logistics, big data brings information from all points of the supply chain together to provide insights into adapting to a business environment that’s only getting more complex. This session will analyze many case studies and examples to show how big data solutions have significantly benefitted companies across a wide range of industries to noticeably boost their bottom lines.

Delegates will leave with:

  • A new understanding of big data and how it applies to SCL operations
  • Insight into big data best practices and how big data can prepare SCL operations for the unexpected
  • Applicable, real-world examples of how big data has been used to enhance and optimize SCL operations and corporate profitability

Making Sense of Big Data is sponsored by:     Mount Royal University