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Pipeline Logistics

Get insight into the operational challenges of crude pipelines, the transportation mode at the heart of the Canadian energy industry’s financial growth, and what your business can learn from it

Friday, October 24 • 10:30 am - 11:00 am

There isn’t a logistics operation in Canada that isn’t affected in some way by the pipelines that carry crude oil across the country and into the United States. Yet not many logistics professionals outside of the pipelines fully understand the role pipelines play in the energy supply chain, let alone the logistical complexities that arise from being a highly regulated common carrier with strained network capacity.

This session will give delegates an understanding of how the North American and global crude oil supply and demand fundamentals drive Enbridge Pipelines into developing long-term transportation options that enable the efficient flow of crude oil from supply regions to end-user markets.  This perspective will come from the perspective of Enbridge’s Customer Service group – an organization responsible  for the logistics planning, shipment management and transport accounting  for the 2.5 million barrels they move through their system every day.

After attending this session, delegates will have first-hand insight into how:

  • Pipeline carriers deal with  governmental regulation and external stakeholder interests
  • Industry is adapting to supply profiles that far exceed current pipeline capacities
  • A common carrier balances individual client needs and expectations with the health of the overall system
  • To optimize existing infrastructure when there is a high cost and complexity to asset expansion