Canada Logistics Conference 2019  -  Learning Sessions  -  Cannabis Logistics

Cannabis Logistics:
The Birth of an Industry

Learn how logistics is building the cannabis industry from the ground up, and what cannabis businesses look for in supply chain partners

Friday, October 25 • 9:30 am - 10:00 am

The cannabis industry has captured the popular imagination. But its quick rise is also a fascinating topic for logistics professionals – both as a case study with unique challenges and as a potential source of business partnerships.

Supply chains run the cannabis business: supply has not caught up with demand, and departments such as marketing and development, which typically lead a company, are instead following logistics and distribution. What’s more, with no historical data, no proper forecasts, and constantly changing plans from provinces, supply chain professionals in cannabis had to prepare for everything.

This session, presented by senior logistics professionals at Canopy Growth, will discuss the exciting challenges involved with establishing the cannabis industry in Canada and abroad. They’ll also discuss what their business looks for in carriers and other potential business partners.

A significant part of this presentation will be devoted to a frank Q&A, where you’ll be able to get insights into the issues of interest to you and your business.


Matthew Sly
Director, Logistics, Canopy Growth

After a decade in the pharmaceutical and high tech industries, Matthew turned his attention to logistics.  During his 20 years of experience in the field, he has managed one of the largest auto parts fulfillment centers in North America and has also managed Walmart’s Eastern Canada Distribution Center.

Now as the Director of Logistics at Canopy Growth Corporation, Matthew oversees all logistics and worldwide distribution of medical and recreational cannabis out of world's largest cannabis distribution center.  In 2018, Matthew piloted the design of Canopy’s Regional Distribution Center and continues to improve efficiencies with state of the art technologies and innovative solutions.  As part of the Canopy team, Matthew has been an integral part of the company’s growth and has developed Canopy’s logistics network across the globe.

Ryan Yablonsky
International Logistics Manager, Canopy Growth

After obtaining his Honors Degree in International Business from Carleton University, Ryan began his professional career in International Freight Forwarding and Logistics. Over the past 2 decades he held numerous Executive level Business Development and Operational management roles. 

Both as a Forwarder and in his current role as head of International Logistics for Canopy Growth Corp., Ryan is considered a pioneer in the “Cannabis Logistics” space having delivered on a number of “first” in the industry – First to successfully engage Canada’s leading airlines for the movement of medical cannabis, orchestrated the first ever legal shipments of cannabis into Australia, Chile, Denmark, Spain and most recently the USA. He has executed some of the world largest overland and air charter transfers of legal weed, developed packaging innovations for the shipment of live genetics internationally and played a prominent role in the design and establishment of Canopy Growth’s current logistics network.

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