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Emerging Technology's Influence on Transportation Buying Trends

The digitization effect on the consumer market

This panel discussion will explore the tangible effects technology will have on the transportation market and your business

Thursday, October 24 • 8:35 am - 10:00 am

There is no question that e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment have changed a lot about the supply chain, in terms of inventory position, order cycles, and other things. Beyond that, the experience we have on our mobile devices in our personal experiences – like ordering something online - is now transferring into our business experience. We now need to know where everything is all of the time.  In 2013, the average mileage per truckload was about 780 miles and it is now 620. The impact through the shortening of the length of haul is a function of inventory being placed in different parts of the country. It allows for the order cycle to be shorter and enables us to move things when and where we want it in a different way. You need intelligence to predict buyer and seller behavior when digitization and automation have displaced more manual labor processes. It leaves the strategizing to us within our information advantage.

This roundtable discussion will bring together a customer, a carrier, and two professionals from C.H. Robinson to relate their perspectives on what emerging technology means for the buying market.


Scott Shannon
VP - North American Surface Transportation, C.H. Robinson

Scott Shannon was named vice president in November 2010, having served as the general manager of C.H. Robinson’s Iowa City office since 1997.  In his role, Scott overseas multiple offices in the company’s North American network.  As a member of the C.H. Robinson executive team, Scott provides support to the entire office network through training and education, development of new services and applications to be offered to customers, shares operations and management guidance, and provides broad market analysis.  An employee at C.H. Robinson since 1997, previous positions with the company include sales at the Madison, WI office. Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin.

Panelists to be announced shortly

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