Canada Logistics Conference 2019  -  Learning Sessions  -  Robotic Order Fulfillment and Material Handling

Robotic Order Fulfillment and
Material Handling

Discover why businesses must embrace automation to remain competitive in the near future - and how to make robotics work in your operations

Thursday, October 24 • 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

As the labour shortage accelerates and consumer expectations evolve due to industry disrupters like e-commerce and omni-channel distribution, manual systems will not remain competitive in the supply chain space. Considering that we are in a market where labour is not only scare but also aging, where the average labourer in a warehouse is 44 years old, great supply chain leaders are forecasting the future of their operations with automation at top of mind. Conversely, with higher turnover and a competitive labour market a highly skilled workforce becomes more and more difficult to maintain, putting accuracy, efficiency, and your bottom line at risk.

Distribution centre workers spend between 40-60% of their time walking the floor to pick locations – to say nothing of the inevitable mistakes from a manual picking process. Automation can improve order accuracy up to 99% and increase productivity up to 50%. Neglecting to automate leaves your business at risk, creating challenges in meeting consumer demand and leaving the door open for your competitors. This is true in all industries. This session will discuss how to implement automation at various levels effectively, enabling you to optimize labour, improve space utilization, and create the excellent supply chain visibility that is required to gain and maintain the competitive advantage needed to remain successful.  


Derek Lynch
Director of Sales, Dematic

Derek has been involved in the development of automated solutions for over 20 years with a focus on logistics and supply chain solutions with Dematic for 16 of those years. Typical solutions include process improvements, best practice logistics methods, performance optimizing software, and material handling automation. He has collaborated with end-users, 3PL companies, and consultants to find optimal solutions for various types of facilities. To develop a solution, Derek and his team use a data driven agnostic approach with an operations focus that includes current state analysis, operations planning, and strategic/tactical planning. As Director of Sales, Derek supports Dematic in providing engineered logistics solutions for operations across North America.

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