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Supply Chain
Leadership 2025

Learn the often-overlooked leadership abilities required to guide your organization through this period of unprecedented technological disruption

Thursday, October 24 • 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The breakneck evolution of technology is forcing supply chain leadership to adapt quickly, developing countless new competencies and skills to remain relevant. However, one of the most overlooked of these competencies is how leaders themselves need to change their outlook and habits to get ahead of industry evolution. With so many technical areas of expertise to become familiar with, many supply chain leaders of today and tomorrow are neglecting to develop the “soft skills” that provide the foundation for successfully guiding their organizations through change.

In 2015, an average member of a team had an average of 1.2 Internet of Things device – by 2025, this number is expected to be 27.9. The world is moving from 4G to 5G, which offers 1000 times more bandwidth and is 100 times faster. And within a year, Intel is working with top laptop companies such as Microsoft and Dell to make 5G laptops with a cellular connection. Artificial intelligence is already here, and finding its way into every facet of operations. No amount of technical competence can prepare supply chain professionals for the leadership challenges required to manage people and operations through changes of this scale.

This presentation will discuss the new competencies of success for the supply chain leader in 2025 – ADAPT: Awareness, Desire, Ability, Planful, and Trust. You’ll learn how to ADAPT your own leadership skills and outlook, regardless of your seniority level or number of reports. It may be difficult to foresee how your organization will need to adapt to emerging technologies, but this session will equip you with the leadership strategies to meet those changes head-on.


Phil Drouillard
Founder & Chair, Lighthouse Nine Group

Phil Drouillard serves as the Founder and Chair at Lighthouse NINE Group in Toronto, where he engages across multiple practices and applies his expertise in all of the Lighthouse NINE disciplines.  Known for his highly engaging, provocative, experienced based style in working with clients.

Array Marketing, BHP Billiton, Mars/ Wrigley , Sun Life, Suncor, IDEXX, McCain, Mother Parkers, TGI Fridays, Worley Parsons, and the Campbell Soup Company are just some of the firms Phil has supported in his 25+ years as an organizational effectiveness coach, team facilitator and executive program developer. As an Organizational Design Change Architect, Phil helps those at all levels – embrace the required transformation. 

Phil has unique expertise  in designing in-house learning systems, end to end talent systems, redesigning performance management processes, and conducting large scale digital alignment events of 200 – 1000 people. Phil excels at providing feedback and coaching of senior leaders, as they strengthen a critical skill, clarify priorities, or prepare and deliver critical messages. Known as an expert facilitator, he is skilled at engaging groups of up to hundreds to distill ideas and express a clear, inspiring forward direction.

The strength of Lighthouse NINE is in the agile deployment of talent. Phil champions L9 experts as they collaborate to assess the unique needs of each client and deliver targeted solutions that help organizations achieve superior performance.

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