Canada's Logistics Briefing 2021  -  Program  -  How Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) Create Results

How Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) Create Results

Fixed into Flexible - Learn how AMRs are driving results you can't bolt down

Wednesday, November 3
1:15 - 2:30 pm EST

Economic trends are the greatest indicators on what you need to do in your operation now to better serve your customers tomorrow. As we experience labour shortages combined with the increasing demand for varying fulfillment options and high speed delivery, automating processes has never been a more critical consideration for any logistics and supply chain operation. AMRs are attractive in the material handling space as they are a cost effective way to move materials quickly through a facility, are easy to implement and can adapt to floor space and the people around them. This year ABI Research predicted that the global AMR market will grow from $800 million USD in 2020 to $49 billion USD by 2030. Join this session to learn how AMRs are driving results for businesses adapting to the influx of change that has and will continue to occur as we move through disaster recovery to the new normal.



Eric Averill
Senior Operations Planner, Global Consulting

Eric Averill is a strategic advisor responsible for the development and standardization of AMR Systems and Solutions for Dematic across the globe. His 15 years of experience in Warehousing Operations and System Design has focused on logistics management in Ecommerce, General Merchandise, and Durable Manufacturing industries. Coupled with his strong background in Program and Project Management with large Ecommerce businesses for Robotic Warehousing Systems, Eric has successfully installed Robotic and MHE (Material Handling Equipment) fulfillment centres responsible for more the 4M shipped units each holiday season, at business peak.