Canada's Logistics Conference 2022  -  Program  -  Customs & CARM

Customs & CARM

How CBSA Assessment & Revenue Management will affect commercial importers into Canada

Thursday, June 9
10:50 am - 11:20 am ET

CARM (CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management) is a Government of Canada initiative which impacts all commercial importers into Canada, including trucking companies. Release 1 is in effect now, release 2 date will not be before January 2023. CARM requires new considerations for commercial importers, such as:

  • CARM requires all importers to register on the CARM client portal, delegate access to others and obtain a surety bond.
  • All duties and tax will be paid directly to CBSA monthly by the importer of record.
  • The importer of record is associated to the importers business number.
  • All penalties applied by CBSA will now be visible on the CCP.
  • Once release 2 is in effect importers who have not registered, delegated and obtained a surety bond will not be able to import into Canada.

This session will walk companies through how to obtain a GC Key or Sign-In partner then register on the CARM client portal (CCP), and explore an example of how a shipment is released and accounted for in the new CARM environment. What is being submitted to CBSA is changing under CARM, so this presentation reviews the changes to the final accounting document and new timelines for submission to CBSA.

Presented by:

Penny Moulton, CCLP
Director, Customs Compliance & Trade Management Services

Penny Moulton, UPS SCS Director of Trade Management Services and Trade Compliance, works with multinational companies and stakeholders to assist them in navigating Canadian importing legislation. She works with companies to enable them to align their business processes to meet that ever-evolving changes in global trade. Penny holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Yorkville University including CCLP, CCS and CTCS designations. She has her professional customs license from CBSA and currently sits on the Border Customs Consultative Committees with the Customs Border Services Agency. 

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