Canada's Logistics Conference 2022  -  Program  -  Cybersecurity Risks in Transportation & Logistics

Navigating a Safe Course Through Transportation and Logistics Cyberattacks

How Cybersecurity Can Help Uncover the Risks in Transportation & Logistics Industry

Friday, June 10
1:15 pm - 2:00 pm ET

The logistics industry's growing effort to increase efficiencies through digitization is making the industry an increasingly inviting target for cyber adversaries. Beyond traditional email scams, the current automation trend exposes the industry to a new set of cyber-physical vulnerabilities. The expanded use of operational technology (OT), internet of things (IoT) and new wireless and cellular communication channels creates a new set of cyber vulnerabilities which are being abused in ever more innovative ways. With the adoption of these technologies, not only are massive amounts of money at stake, but also people’s lives and well-being.

Adding to the attractiveness to cyber attackers is the fact that the industry is less cyber mature than others, lagging cyber regulations and standards, lacking cybersecurity awareness, and suffering a shortage of cyber-defense talent.

As digitization of the logistics industry grows, cybersecurity must become an integral component of it.

In this session we will have a look at a few real-life, so far unpublished examples of cyber-attacks in the logistics industry from around the world. More importantly, we will look at practical, prioritized, and cost-effective approaches taken by the best-in-class organizations to reduce cybersecurity and cyber-physical risks.

Presented by:

Marin Ivezic
Partner, Cybersecurity & Privacy
PwC Canada

Marin Ivezic leads PwC's cybersecurity services for the transportation and logistics industry. Across his 30-year career in law enforcement, national security, and business Marin has led a response to over 150 major cybersecurity incidents in 40 countries; led nation-level transportation sector crisis response exercises; and acted as a Chief Security Officer and a Chief Security Architect for some of the largest organizations in the industry. 

As a partner within PwC, Marin leads a team of cybersecurity professionals who provide a full range of cybersecurity and OT/IoT/telecommunications security services across the whole lifecycle—from assessment, strategy and design to implementation and operation. His particular focus area is on cyber-kinetic attacks—cyberattacks on cyber-physical systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), industrial control systems (ICS), robotics, connected and autonomous transportation, etc. —that threaten people’s physical well-being, lives or the environment. He brings together cybersecurity, safety and resilience disciplines to help businesses and communities overcome these threats.