Canada's Logistics Conference 2022  -  Program  -  Supply Chain Resiliency Panel

Supply Chain Resiliency

A practical discussion of what supply chain stakeholders need to do to build a more resilient supply chain

Thursday, June 9
4:05 pm - 5:15 pm ET

Recent disruptions have given us a stark reminder of how vulnerable the global supply chain is to disruptions - be they from accidents, weather, conflict, labour disputes, and much more. We've also seen how quickly these disruptions can impact nearly every aspect of the Canadian economy.

In that sense, supply chain logistics professionals must do as much as possible to be prepared for disruptions. However, this can only be achieved if industry stakeholders work towards common goals. 

This open and collaborative session will discuss how organizations must work together to build a resilient supply chain in Canada.

Presented by:


John Corey, CPA, CA, MILT
Freight Management Associate of Canada
John Corey is the President of the Freight Management Association of Canada (FMA).  A professional accountant by training, John spent 28 years at the Canadian Transportation Agency, working in both the Air and Rail branches of the Agency, where he played a major role in dispute resolution between the federally-regulated freight railways and shippers. As President of the FMA, he advocates on behalf of Canadian shippers with all levels of government and transportation regulators.


Bruce Rogers
Executive Director
CIFFA (Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association)

Paul Sarrouh
Director, Supply Chain Strategy & Continuous Improvement

Chris Shubert
Chief Commerical Officer
Ashcroft Terminals

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