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Praise for Past Conferences

Canada Logistics Conference delivers actionable, high-level learning relevant to anyone who buys, sells or manages the flow of goods and materials, or who is impacted by supply chain logistics

  • In 2016, 97% of delegates rated their experience from "Good" to "Excellent". Nearly 40% of this group were attending this annual event for the first time.
  • Nearly 95% of delegates reported that they took away practical, actionable ideas and strategies that could be immediately applied to their role or business.


Delegate Feedback

"This is not only about this year's conference, but about all past conferences as well. There is no other logistics conference available anywhere that stimulates personal growth, business growth, and the networking opportunities that CITT's Canada Logistics Conference presents to its delegates." 2016 Conference Delegate

"Excellent panel discussions, very good keynote speakers and ample networking opportunities." 2016 Conference Delegate

"I had never traveled alone to a conference before and was very nervous. All of the delegates were so friendly. It was an extremely wonderful group of people. I gained confidence that I will definitely be applying to my job. Attending the various sessions taught me a lot about the industry, and some of the challenges and opportunities it is facing. Conversations with other delegates also helped me learn about the industry." 2016 Conference Delegate

"All of the sessions gave me an insight into how the industry is growing and the challenges ahead. That’s really going to help our team prepare for those challenges." 2015 Conference Delegate

"I took something away from each presentation that could apply either to my job, my company, or myself professionally." 2015 Conference Delegate

"I enjoyed the mix of logistics and soft skills topics. And I'm looking forward to watching the recorded sessions to review what I learned." 2014 Conference Delegate

"It was great to connect with other professionals attending the conference. Working for a 3PL, we are always looking for new customers, as well as carriers to cater to our—and our customers' and shippers'—needs."
2014 Conference Delegate

"I took something from each presentation and came back with a good list of ideas and things to explore further." 2014 Conference Delegate

"Thank you for a perfectly organized conference! The content & presenters were outstanding. I’ll be using the recordings, presentations and supporting materials to prepare a formal report with recommendations for senior management at my company." 2013 Conference Delegate

"The learning session content was excellent and very relevant, and the interactive sessions were an excellent opportunity to interact with other delegates. The caliber and quality of delegates in attendance is excellent, and speaks to the importance of the conference itself." 2013 Conference Delegate

"I have over 30 years of attending various conferences, seminars, and workshops and this was by far the best organized one yet. Kudos to CITT for putting on a well-rounded event that included ethics, communication, and other business topics as well as logistics-specific industry topics." 2013 Conference Delegate

"As a new person involved in logistics, I appreciated the openness and professionalism of your delegates. They all, with rare exception, passed me a business card and extended the offer of ongoing support after the conference where there is little or nothing for them to gain personally from it. A very welcoming group of individuals." 2013 Conference Delegate



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