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Leadership EQ

Discover your emotional intelligence and leadership style—and how to improve it to build motivation, loyalty & creativity—in this interactive workshop

Thursday, October 23 • 1:15 pm - 4:00 pm

Leadership is the core of great businesses. But HR research has found that the supply chain logistics sector is facing an impending shortage of senior talent and leaders as boomers retire and young workers aren’t coming in quickly enough to replace them. From mentorship to retention, excellent leadership is invaluable to any organization. In fact, analysts place up to an additional 20% value on businesses with strong leadership.

This in-depth session will explore the five areas of leadership—self perception, stress management, self expression, decision making, and interpersonal abilities—and includes a self-assessment exercise in which attendees will discover their own leadership style and skills, as well as how to improve them.

Delegates will learn how to become stronger leaders and build relationships that directly lead to increased profitability, strong brand/reputation, a high performance corporate culture, and better talent/HR outcomes (like attracting, retaining and motivating top-tier talent). Participants will gain leadership knowledge that can be immediately implemented at work, in better team management or simply leading by taking individual initiative. Whether you directly manage people or are part of a team, your leadership skills can have a big impact on your company’s success.

After attending this 3-hour session & workshop, delegates will be able to:

  •  Understand their leadership EQ, and how to build the related core skills
  •  Identify the most sought-after leadership skills and how to demonstrate them
  •  Improve retention & team loyalty through emotionally intelligent leadership
  •  Identify the key skill which is the most likely predictor of leadership potential