Logistics Courses

CITT’s suite of specialized logistics courses toward the CCLP® (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) designation will equip you with a depth of understanding that is more complete and comprehensive than any other, similarly named set of industry courses offered anywhere in Canada.

Take three core courses:

And choose two electives from:

After completing these five courses, you’ll have the best technical foundation for profitably managing stable, sustainable (multi-modal) supply chain logistics available today.

You’ll also be well on your way to earning a professional designation from CITT—especially if you already have a business degree or diploma. Click here to find out if you qualify for advanced standing towards the CCLP designation. If not, CITT offers business management courses in partnership with the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies to help you meet this requirement for CCLP certification.

To learn more about the CCLP program of study and all the abilities-based outcomes of CITT's specialized logistics courses, take a look at our guide to CITT courses and the CCLP designation (PDF).

Click here to download your guide to CITT courses and the CCLP designation

®CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) is a professional designation and a registered trademark of CITT.

Click here to find YOUR fastest route to the CCLP designation


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