Q. I'm wondering if it will take too long to earn the CCLP designation and receive the immediate professional benefits I’m looking for?

You'll start seeing professional benefits from the minute you register for your first CITT course

  • Employers value CITT students as well as fully certified CCLP designation holders. In fact, CITT students regularly report that even starting working toward their CCLP@ (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) designation helped them land a new job or advance within their company. The fact that you're working towards industry's most respected and widely-held professional designation impresses current and prospective employers. It demonstrates your commitment to continuing education and your willingness to go the extra mile to grow your subject matter expertise. For example, click here to learn about how the CCLP designation has helped the careers of professionals who hold more than one professional designation.
  • You'll get smarter, faster. Even CITT students who have been working in the industry for over a decade report that while taking CITT courses they pick up new knowledge, skills and abilities beyond what they've learned on the job or through other professional development. And that they can apply what they're learning to their jobs right away, as well as in preparation for more senior positions.
  • You'll gain access to an extensive network of industry experts. CITT students can connect to a network of over 2,000 logistics professionals across the country who genuinely believe in supporting their professional community and are only one phone-call away. This can become an invaluable resource for both career-related networking and industry expertise.
  • You’ll have an inside track on exclusive job opportunities. CITT students can also access CITT industry Career Centre job postings. These are only available to CITT members and students and as soon as you start as a student the jobs are open to you.

Plus, industry's most respected and widely-held professional distance may be in closer reach than you think

The length of time it takes to complete the CITT program of study and earn the CCLP designation varies person to person. Depending on your previous academic and employment experience, and how much time you have to devote to your studies, you could...

Complete the CITT program in fast as 12-20 months:

If you want to complete the program is as quickly as possible, you can also take more than one course at a time. Even if you do need to take up to the full ten courses, you can work your way through the program faster by taking more than one course at a time.

We recommend you start by taking Transportation Systems. Then, once you have a feel for how much time your studies will require and how much time you can commit to them, you may find you're comfortable taking two or even three courses per semester. Choose between CITT’s specialized logistics courses or any of the general business management courses you made need. The business courses don't have prerequisites, so you can take them concurrently with logistics courses, or take multiple business courses at the same time. Check our schedule since not all of our courses are available for every semester.

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