Q. I haven’t been a student in a very long time. I’m concerned I might not do as well in the courses as I’d like to.

This is a more common consideration than most people would think. Even highly-qualified professionals can weigh this question when thinking about professional certification. This is usually the sign of a more competent professional than a less competent one. It suggests that you really care about doing well. These are the students who usually excel.

Many of our students have been away from the classroom for a long time, or may never have taken post-secondary courses prior to their first course with CITT.

The CCLP program of study is designed specifically for professionals working in the logistics industry who may not have recent academic experience

  • Specialized logistics courses from CITT have been built to be practical, not theoretical or overly academic. Take a look at our detailed course descriptions to see the type of material that's covered.
  • The course facilitators are trade practitioners themselves, and the course content is relevant to the types of decisions and situations professionals working in supply chain and logistics are faced with in the workplace with every day.
  • Assignments and exams are largely case study based, and involve applying the knowledge and understanding you gain through each course, just as you would on the job.

And you won't be on your own!
There are lots of ways that CITT’s program is set up to help you succeed.

  • Right at the start of your first course, you can participate in an orientation webinar call to help you get comfortable with your course site and the assignments you'll be completing.
  • While you're taking your first course with CITT, you can also watch a webinar to help you learn how to successfully complete your major assignment - the case study report. You can watch it as many times as you need to answer questions along the way.
  • Your course facilitator(s) are available to you throughout your course to answer any questions about the material and assignments.
  • CITT's educational support staff are also available by phone or email 9-5 (EST) Monday-Friday year round, and are happy to help you with any course website issues or administrative concerns.
  • Your classmates can also be a great resource to help you succeed! You'll meet them and work together in the discussion section of your online course. Students are also welcome to form study groups that meet face to face (where possible) or using technology like conference calling or Skype.

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