Q. I've never taken an online course before. I'm more comfortable with classroom learning.

Taking an online course with CITT is more similar to studying in a classroom than you might imagine. CITT's online courses are structured very much like classroom-based continuing education and professional development courses. CITT courses are set up so you have online access to your course facilitator and other students through your course discussion forum, which is an active and important part of the CITT online learning experience. You aren't learning the material in isolation.

What CITT's online courses have in common with classroom-based courses:

  • Online course facilitator(s) give you the kind of instructor insight and support that benefits students who learn in a classroom setting.
  • You will get to know your classmates and work collaboratively on the course material in your online course via the course website. Students are also encouraged to form study groups that meet in person, or remotely using common technology like Skype or conference calling.
  • Set assignment deadlines and exam dates help keep you on track so that you don’t fall behind—just like in a traditional classroom.

There are benefits to taking a course online instead of in a classroom:

Valuable added benefits of online learning are flexibility and accessibility.

Flexibility: Although you need to log in in regularly to participate in class discussions and submit assignments before their deadlines, other than the final exam, there aren't fixed dates and times that you have to be online—you can choose to log in and contribute when it best fits your work and personal schedule. This makes online courses a flexible, accessible option, whether you work shifts or just have lots of personal and professional time commitments to juggle.

Accessibility: Our online courses can be accessed from anywhere with reliable internet access. So those who live in regions or communities with limited classroom options can have the same learning experience as those taking CITT's online courses in major urban centres.

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