I'm not sure I'm qualified to take CITT courses and work towards the CCLP designation

Two of CITT’s central beliefs are that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed professionally, and that anyone who is willing and able to do the work should be eligible to earn a professional designation from CITT. That’s why the only requirement to begin taking CITT courses and working towards earning the CCLP designation is a secondary school education (grade 12) or equivalent work experience. Then education from CITT brings the learner up to an expert-level of understanding the supply chain and logistics business.

CITT has made the CCLP designation the most attainable option available

Without compromising the depth, completeness and highest standards of industry's most respected professional designation, CITT has made the CCLP professional designation the most attainable professional designation in supply chain & logistics. How? CITT:

  • Recognizes work experience equivalency for those who have not completed secondary school.

  • Grants advanced standing and course exemptions for students with previous business education (including international college and university programs).

  • Offers a set of world-class business courses—in partnership with the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies—for those who don’t already have a college or university business education. If you don’t already have a post-secondary business education when you come to us, we’ll help you get it.

You don’t need to have your 3 years of industry work experience BEFORE you start taking CITT courses

People also sometimes ask us if they need to already have three years of experience to begin. That's not a requirement to start working towards the your designation. You can log that work experience while you are taking CITT courses.

If you finish your courses before you’ve hit the full three years, you can become an Articling Participant with CITT, and then apply for your CCLP designation as soon as your three years are complete.

As an Articling Participant, you'll have access to almost all of the benefits a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional enjoys. And until you can officially add those initials after your name, you can update your LinkedIn profile and resume to let colleagues, current and potential employers know you've completed the CITT program of study and will hold the designation soon.

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