I'm not sure I'm comfortable studying in English

Because English is the primary global and Canadian language of the supply chain and logistics trade as well as commerce in general, it is important that you are comfortable reading and understanding English, including the course materials and assignment questions (these are offered in English only).

But because CITT wants to help people to present themselves and their ideas as confidently as possible, we are working to support professionals who have a different mother tongue. See more below. 

Pour les professionnels qui sont plus à l'aise de communiquer en français: 
For professionals who are more comfortable communicating in French:

  • Vous pouvez présenter vos travaux, devoirs, travail de session et réponses d'examen en français si cela vous convient mieux. 
    We welcome you to submit assignment and exam answers in French if you’re more comfortable with this. 

  • Un animateur francophone répondra aux questions posées en français sur la plateforme électronique de formation. 
    A francophone facilitator will answer online course questions posed in French.

  • Les étudiants francophones sont encouragés à former des groupes de discussion et à échanger en ligne et en français sur les différents sujets d'études du cours. 
    Francophone students are welcome to form French-language study groups and participate in online course discussions in French.

If your first language is something other than English or French and you are not totally confident about your ability to express yourself well in written English:

  • You can connect with other students who share your language and assemble language-based study groups through CITT’s online learning centre.
  • We can also help you develop more confidence working in English. And to help you right now, you may want to start by taking Business Writing from our business knowledge course options (offered in partnership with the University of Toronto’s school of continuing education).

    You'll learn the fundamentals of business writing and put them to work in Business Writing including how to write winning proposals, persuasive business plans, clear technical pieces and dynamic presentations. You’ll also learn how to make the most of social media platformsMore.

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