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Online Leadership Series

Industry practitioners and employers have confirmed that leadership skills are critical, core competencies for logistics professionals. This is reflected in the competency profile for logistics professionals that CITT has created through rigorous research and development. And at our annual conference and in our webinar series, CITT always includes learning on leadership-related topics for just that reason. 

Now, CITT has partnered with OpusWorks, an experienced online learning provider, to offer leadership skills training to the supply chain logistics sector.

You can sign up for individual modules or the full "Leadership Series".  The learning is delivered entirely online and is self-paced. Once you've finished a module, you'll take a short test to confirm you've completed the learning. Get 80% or more on the test to pass the course and download a certificate of completion! Click here to sign up now!


Leadership Skills Modules

Understanding Change (40 minutes)    

This module is part one of a two-part series on personal and organizational change. Each can be purchased individually. Module objectives:

  • Develop strategies and methods for facilitating change
  • Practice applying change leadership strategies to support a successful change effort
  • Identify ways to embed continuous improvement, change, and growth in the organization’s culture   

Managing Change (40 minutes)

This module is part two of a two-part series on personal and organizational change. Each can be purchased individually. Module objectives:

  • Evaluate the driving forces of change
  • Examine psychological and emotional responses to change
  • Identify attributes that helps teams cope with change

Introduction to Conflict Management (Part 1 of 2) (35 minutes)

This module is the first in a two-part bundle that is purchased together on managing personal and professional conflict. Module objectives:

  • Explore the causes and types of conflicts
  • Demonstrate the cost of conflict for individuals and organizations
  • Examine different conflict styles

Conflict Management Tools (Part 2 of 2) (40 minutes)

This module is part two of a two-part bundle on conflict management that is purchased together. Module objectives:

  • Expose barriers to effective conflict resolution
  • Teach cooperative approaches to handling conflict
  • Explore strategies to minimize the cost of conflict       

Emotional Intelligence (45 minutes)

This module will discuss what emotional intelligence is and how you can develop emotional intelligence skills to lead yourself and others. Module objectives:

  • Explain how to use and manage your emotions
  • Show methods for positively influencing others’ emotions
  • Explore ways to influence others through intrinsic motivators

Active Listening (25 minutes)

Module objectives:

  • Explain what Active Listening is and how you can develop this skill as you become an effective communicator.
  • Consider that Active Listening takes practice and is a learned skill developed over time. It is not only hearing what a person says in communication; it is also being engaged in the conversation.
  • Show that Active Listening requires you to hear, think, and absorb what is being said. It requires concentration and interpreting the meaning behind what you hear.​

Diversity and Inclusion (60 minutes)

Module Objectives:

  • Explore the many layers of diversity
  • Recognize the impact of conscious and unconscious bias
  • Examine the roots and causes of our perceptions and reactions to others
  • Study how bias and stereotypes may unintentionally influence our thoughts and decisions
  • Identify possible areas of conflict among diverse groups and patterns of diversity conflict in the workplace
  • Learn our role in fostering diversity and inclusion​

Managing Generations (45 minutes)

Module Objectives:

  • How to identify generational differences
  • How the differences are displayed in the workplace
  • Communicating with and managing a multi-generational workforce
  • Managing telecommuting workers
  • Managing potential conflict

Effective Communication (60 minutes)

Module objectives:

  • Enhance awareness of the subject of communication
  • Assess your style
  • Identification of other’s communication style
  • Examine the multiple channels of communication
  • Recognize and manage verbal and non-verbal behaviors
  • Explore and practice behaviors
  • Show how to use assertive rather than aggressive, passive, or passive-aggressive communication

The Leadership Series is eligible for CMUs! CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals and CITT Articling Participants earn CMUs for successfully completing an individual module (10 for the 2-module change bundle), or 50 if you finish the full series.  

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