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Founded by industry, for industry in 1958, CITT is the sector’s most respected source of supply chain logistics learning and skills-building. We offer a wide range of professional development and learning opportunities for individuals and businesses across the field of supply chain logistics.

For online learning, such as full courses and webinars, see the Online Learning portal

Training Solutions for Your Employees
CITT can deliver learning solution for your employees and business needs. From tight workshops to comprehensive courses, our subject matter experts will develop the solution that’s perfect for your organization. Learn more about CITT’s Training Solutions here.

Project Management Series 
The ability to manage projects is now a critical skill of a logistics professional. In fact, in CITT's recent Competency Profile of the Logistics Professional, the ability to apply project management tools and approaches was identified as one of the key pillars of integrated logistics competence. CITT is pleased deliver project management learning online with OpusWorks, an experienced online learning provider. Learn more and register for the suite here.

Leadership Series
CITT's competency profile of the logistics professional has given even more urgency to the development of leadership skills in industry - not only for those in senior positions, but for all professionals looking to become well-rounded in the discipline of transportation, supply chain, and logistics. CITT has partnered with OpusWorks, an experienced online learning provider, to offer leadership skills training to the supply chain logistics sector. The training is available in on-demand modules, so you can build your the skills you need at your own pace. Learn more and see the list of modules here.

Microsoft Excel Seminars
Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful - and frequenly used - tools of supply chain logistics professionals. But even seasoned users often use the program inefficiently or overlook opportunities to discover more data. CITT has scheduled online Excel seminars on a variety of topics, relevant to both newcomers to the program and to experts looking to hone their skills even further. Learn more and see the upcoming seminars here.

Courses and Certification
CITT grants the CCLP® (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) designation, the most highly valued supply chain logistics credential in the industry. CCLPs are industry’s elite, bringing expertise and credibility to their careers and the organizations they work. The CCLP designation is granted to individuals who complete the required program of study, demonstrate real-world experience, and meet several other requirements. Learn more about the CCLP designation and its requirements here.

Supply Chain Logistics Webinar Series
CITT’s webinars series covers relevant, leading-edge topics presented by industry thought leaders. Live webinars are presented monthly or more often, and a robust back-catalogue of recorded webinars is available on-demand. Whether you’re looking to brush up on a specific topic or just learn something new, you’ll find it in our webinar series. Learn more about the SCL webinar series here.

For live learning such as Canada Logistics Conference and networking events, see the Live Learning Portal

Canada Logistics Conference
Canada’s annual thought leadership conference for every supply chain professionals, Canada Logistics Conference is an unparalleled opportunity to learn and network. Learn more about Canada Logistics Conference here.

Regional Events
Our industry calendar is the place to keep up on the latest events in the CITT community and beyond. You can also add your own events if you are organizing or promoting something of interest to the Canadian supply chain logistics community. You can explore the event calender, quickly scan the full listing of posted events, or click here to submit an event posting.

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