Don Connolly
2017 CITT Award of Excellence Winner

Don Connolly, CCLP, was awarded the prestigious CITT Award of Excellence for 2017 at Canada Logistics Conference in Montreal. The award is given to a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional designation holder who has demonstrated Don Connolly, CCLP, accepts his Award of Excellence at Canada Logistics Conference 2017career-long excellence and leadership in supply chain logistics, as well as notable involvement in CITT.

 “I’m absolutely rendered speechless” Mr. Connolly said about winning the award. “Beyond that, I’m extremely humbled considering the amount of excellent candidates who have won it and who are put forward every year. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d win such a prestigious award like this one.”

Mr. Connolly, now retired, worked in supply chain logistics for 45 years, getting his introduction to the industry in the naval reserve, then as a forklift driver at a foundry where he eventually became foreman. Later in his career he ran his own trucking company for 15 years. In 2000 Mr. Connolly’s joined Monsanto Canada, developing processes that turned the company’s underperforming inventory management and warehousing into one of Monsanto’s best globally. In his final role, he was tasked with starting a Global Trade and Compliance Center of Excellence for Canada.

He earned his CCLP designation in 2000 and was a Director on CITT’s Board of Directors from 2009-2017. He remains involved with CITT and his local supply chain logistics community, running an industry job bank in Manitoba, matching promising candidates with appropriate roles.

“My advice to young people in the business is to get involved and keep educated. Don’t stagnate in your position, always seek growth, and keep taking one step forward. Don’t be complacent and you can take your career as far as you can envision”.