Forty Year Club

The Forty Year Club was established in 2003 and was officially launched at the CITT's annual conference in Ottawa. This venerable circle of supply chain logistics professionals have held their designation from CITT for four decades. Across the industry, very few professionals attain this level of experience and have seen so much transformation in the business. 

Inducted in 2017

Mr. Jeffrey Gazen, CCLP
Mr. Jim White, CCLP
Mr. Terry Mills, CCLP

Inducted in 2016

Mr. Anthony Garbaz, CCLP

Inducted in 2015

Mr. Andre Daoust, CCLP
Mr. Aaron M. Daniels, CCLP
Mr. Kenneth A. Martin, CCLP

Inducted in 2014

Mr. Walter D. Annett, CCLP
Mrs. Cuma Hope Cheatle, CCLP
Mr. Louis J. Dries, CCLP
Mr. William S.G. Tackaberry, CCLP

Inducted in 2013

Mr. I. Michael Cooper, CCLP
Mr. James R. McKay, CCLP

Inducted in 2012

Mr. Ross Riley, CCLP

Inducted in 2011

Mr. Ralph Greenhalgh, CCLP

Inducted in 2010

 John C. Fergusson, CCLP
 Donald F. Graham, CCLP
 Peter Raimondo, CCLP

Inducted in 2009

Ralph E. Billings, CCLP
John Kimpinski, CCLP
Don J. Jackson, CCLP
Doug L. Watt, CCLP

Inducted in 2008

Andrew John Anderson, CCLP
Clare P. Edgar, CCLP
Rick W. Heese, CCLP
Lawrence S. McDonough, CCLP
Edward S. Nesbitt, CCLP

Inducted in 2007

Bruce L. Broderick, CCLP
Donald A. Cameron, CCLP
Patrick E. Cullen, CCLP
Rod B. Taylor, CCLP

Inducted in 2006

Paul E. Villemaire, CCLP
Douglas G. Walker, CCLP

Inducted in 2005

Shirley Edwards, CCLP
Edwin J. Joyce, CCLP

Inducted in 2004

Alfred A. Kobbeltvedt, CCLP
Willard H. Leeman, CCLP
Dan Nolan, CCLP
Robert N. Norris, CCLP
Gordon J. Seddon, CCLP
George W. Tingley, CCLP
Wes G. Walker, CCLP

Inducted in 2003

Gordon C. Bremner, CCLP
Mike F. Darmody, CCLP
William W. Elliot, CCLP
Ernest J. Enright, CCLP
Hal J. Friend, CCLP
Robert A. Hains, CCLP
Anthony F. Heuman, CCLP
William G. Hopkins, CCLP
Alf A. Jensen, CCLP
Robert J. LaVigne, CCLP
W. Keith McKay, CCLP
Thomas B. Morrison, CCLP
Gaston Pelletier, CCLP
Vic V. Sveklocha, CCLP
William Vincent Taillon, CCLP
Douglas C. Thompson, CCLP
John A. White, CCLP