The CITT Champion Award

The Champion Award recognizes a CITT Certified Logistics Professional who:

  • Promotes CITT within their organization and the industry as a whole
  • Takes initiative in creating new ways to promote CITT and the CCLP designation
  • Encourages peers and colleagues to engage with CITT and pursue CCLP certification
  • Uses available platforms (such as speaking engagements, social media) to champion CITT


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2022 Nomination Deadline: January 31, 2023

Note: This award may not be awarded if the Committee determines there are no nominees who meet criteria. Current members of the CITT National Board of Directors and past winners of the Award of Excellence are not eligible for nomination.  

Previous CITT Champions:

2021: Shaukat Khan, CCLP

2020: Kelsey Fulton, CCLP

2019: Duane Chiasson, CCLP