Beverly Jones, CCLP
2018 CITT Award of Excellence Winner

CITT has announced that Beverly Jones, CCLP, (pictured, centre) has been awarded its prestigious annual CITT Award of Excellence for 2018. The award is given to a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional designation holder who has demonstrated career-long excellence and leadership in supply chain logistics, as well as notable involvement in CITT.

“I’m incredibly honoured to be recognized with this award” Ms. Jones said. “CITT is an organization that is very close to my heart, and when I think of the remarkable professionals who’ve previously received this award, I’m humbled.”

Ms. Jones, now Manager, Sales Central Region for FedEx Trade Networks, started working towards her CCLP designation when she was only 22. “I wanted credentials to gain credibility. Coming into a male-dominated industry, I thought ‘who is going to listen to a 22-year-old woman? It’s been critical in my career; to know I hold the designation is so positive and it keeps me on top of the pile.”

Ms. Jones enjoyed the program, and was invited to facilitate CITT courses, which she has been doing for over 20 years. “It helps me give back to the industry, to stay involved and connect with other professionals in the sector, and keeps me current. My biggest professional accomplishments are always when I see my team succeed, so seeing people come through the program and grow is so rewarding, and keeps me engaged.”

Asked her advice for young people in the business, she said: “Don’t limit yourself. Join a company where you can experience multiple facets of the business. And get courses behind you to get credibility and insight into the industry. You won’t enjoy the work until you understand the fundamentals – and enjoying the work makes you that much better at it.”