Mary Waring, CCLP
2015 CITT Award of Excellence Winner

Mary Waring, CCLP, began her career working for a busy air-freight forwarder, where her proven ability to handle the pressures of the profession quickly caught the attention of Bob Hartin.

Together, Mary and Bob founded Western Logistics as a start-up in 1990 in Vancouver. Since then, Western Logistics has experienced incredible growth and is now a successful, well-respected business with operations across Canada, in the United States, and with partnerships in and Europe and the Far East. Mary, who now acts as Western Logistics’ CEO, has been instrumental in building the business piece by piece.

“I was drawn to the problem-solving side of the logistics business,” said Mary. “No two days are ever the same, and every tendered shipment can be a challenge.”

Mary is responsible for all facets of the company’s operations. As a hands-on leader with an insatiable thirst for learning, she has learned by working in all of Western Logistics’ areas, including marketing, operations, sales and administration.

“When I first conceived the idea for Western Logistics in the late 1980’s, I wanted to identify a lifetime partner for the business,” said Bob. “Mary and I started discussions long before operations began. She was working in a high-stress air-freight operation at that time, and I wanted to be sure Western Logistics was viable before asking her to make a career change. The rest is history”

Mary earned her designation from CITT in 1988 for its relevance to her work. She was able to fit elite professional development into her busy schedule, learning through CITT while working full-time and raising her children. In 2013 she was inducted into the CITT Quarter Century Club. Mary has put her commitment to excellence and top-notch leadership skills to good use by serving on the CITT Board of Directors as a Director from Vancouver between 1996 and 2001.

Mary’s nominator further added:

“Mary conducts herself with an aura of class, professionalism and personality which exemplifies the kind of professional that many CITT members would find inspiring. Aside from Mary’s excellence as an exemplary CITT professional and a leading executive and entrepreneur at a successful made-in-Canada transportation firm, she has a very full life with family and other obligations.  Still most mornings, she is in the head office in Coquitlam at 5 AM.”

When asked about winning the award, Mary reacted:

“I am extremely honored to receive this Award of Excellence from CITT. CITT has been a very important part of my career development and I am thankful for their education and the support of my peers in this special group.”