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Online Project Management Series

The business of supply chain, logistics, and transportation has become increasingly complex as the discipline has evolved. Operations have many moving parts, often with concurrent deliverables and deadlines with multiple stakeholders. The ability to manage projects is now a critical skill of a logistics professional. In fact, in CITT's recent Competency Profile of the Logistics Professional, the ability to apply project management tools and approaches was identified as one of the key pillars of integrated logistics competence. 

CITT is pleased deliver project management learning online with OpusWorks, an experienced online learning provider.

You can sign up for the "Project Management Introduction" individually, or take the full "Project Mangement Series". Please note, only the "Project Management Introduction" is availlable invididually, and the other modules are available as a complete suite.  The learning is delivered entirely online and is self-paced. Once you've finished a module, you'll take a short test to confirm you've completed the learning. Get 80% or more on the test to pass the course and download a certificate of completion! Click here to sign up now!

Participants seeking PMP certification will receive fourteen (14) contact hours that can be applied towards meeting the Project Management Institute (PMI) education requirements.

CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals and CITT Articling Participants will earn 5 CMUs for completion of the Project Management Introduction Module, or 50 CMUs for completion of the complete suite.


Project Management Modules

Project Management Introduction (60 minutes)    

This module will:  

  • Define a project
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager
  • Identify the processes involved in Project Management such as: initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing
  • Identify the relationship between scope, time and cost and how these factors affect the  success and quality of a project. 

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Initiating (70 minutes)

This module will:

  • Explain how to develop the Project Charter
  • Identify the Project Stakeholders
  • Define the purpose of the Focus Arrow and how it helps us assist with defining “Done Looks Like This”
  • Describe how to create a Priority Matrix that helps us rank the customer’s wants for the project
  • Determine how to create and write a Project Scope Statement  

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) (75 minutes)

This module will:   

  • Explain the purpose of the WBS
  • Discuss how to develop the WBS
  • Describe how to use the WBS
  • Identify the various approaches of constructing the WBS
  • Define the terminology that is involved with the WBS

Scheduling Skills (100 minutes)

This module will:  

  • Discuss Sequential and Simultaneous scheduling concepts
  • Explain Critical Path and Float Time for scheduling project activities
  • Discuss Free Float/Slack Time
  • Describe Gantt Scheduling
  • Define Network Scheduling e.g. AON, and Pert Charts 

PM Scheduling Tools (100 minutes)

This module will:  

  • Explain that Activity is a component of work performed during the course of a project
  • Discuss the difference between the types of network diagrams, Activity on Arrow and Activity on Node
  • Define Duration  • Define what Dependencies and Predecessor lines are
  • Discuss how to compute Early Start (ES), Late Start (LS), Early Finish (EF) and Late Finish (LF) for each node in a schedule
  • Explain how to calculate the Forward and Backward Pass
  • Define what Critical Path and Float Times are

Human Resources (50 minutes)

This module will:

  • Explain how the RACI Chart will help us define and clarify the team member’s role
  • Discuss how the attributes must be met by prospective team members
  • Define work, duration and elapse time, and how these elements are inter-related when working on a project
  • Show how to plug the team members into the project schedule
  • Define the four stages (Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing) a group of individuals will go through while developing into a team
  • Introduce the core elements for leading and managing a team​

Executing (50 minutes)

This module will:

  • Introduce useful tools for the Executing Phase
  • Describe how different levels of team member skill or interest may affect the WBS
  • Explain the purpose and use of the Stakeholder Analysis form
  • Discuss how to build quality into every step of the project 

Managing Project Changes (35 minutes)

This module will:

  • Discuss how project changes are approved or rejected
  • Explain the 8 processes a Project Manager must know in order to manage changes to a project
  • Identify an easy method for preparing a project status report 

Controlling - Earned Value Management (50 minutes)

Module Objectives:

  • How to identify generational differences
  • How the differences are displayed in the workplace
  • Communicating with and managing a multi-generational workforce
  • Managing telecommuting workers
  • Managing potential conflict

Closing (20 minutes)

This module will show:

  • How to gain agreement that the project is complete
  • The process for handing the project off to the customer
  • What support elements must be closed at the end of the project
  • About closing procurements and negotiated settlements
  • How to hand off a project to an implementation team

The Project Management Series is eligible for CMUs! CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals and CITT Articling Participants earn CMUs for successfully completing an individual module.

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