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Detailed SCL Talent SearchDetailed SCL Talent Search

Use your own keywords to search hundreds of profiles of CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals (CCLP® designation holders) who’ve specifically opted-in to bring their talent to the sector.

Search for CCLPs

You can use this tool to:

  • Search for & recruit experienced SCL professionals for your supply chain logistics roles. CITT's membership encompasses the entire industry and covers a range of seniorities. We have professionals who work in all modes of transportation, distribution/warehousing, 3PLs/4PLs, ancillary service providers. We also have many sales people and a very strong base of people who are "shippers" from a wide range of commercial segments.
  • Connect with potential suppliers, service providers & partners. Many CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals offer supply chain logistics services through their employer companies, or as independent consultants.
  • Find subject matter experts in supply chain logistics and specialized subtopics for speaking engagements, media inquiries and other consultations.

Note: While only CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals in good standing can have a profile in this directory, this is an optional service for CCLP designation holders. Not all CCLPs have elected to have a searchable profile. If you’re looking for someone specific you think might carry the designation, please click here to explore the full List of Current CCLPs.

®CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) is a professional designation and a registered trademark of CITT.