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About the CITT Resource Hub for Students

Guided by student requests and feedback, CITT provides an exclusive, bi-monthly digital newsletter-style Resource Hub for students. Although we’ll sometimes change up the type of content we’ll provide you with, some of the sections you’ll see most often are:

Your Promotion Centre, where we give material and tips for promoting yourself, and show you how we’re raising awareness in industry and beyond about the value of hiring and supporting a CCLP. Stories include links to resources we develop such as articles and pamphlets, and updates on media coverage of CITT.

In the Career Center, we provide you with information about advancing your career – be it within your company or when getting a new job. Stories include articles and tips on things like interviews and job searching, as well as highlights of the freshest jobs across the country from CITT’s job board.

In the Knowledge Centre, you’ll find learning and professional development in both the field of supply chain logistics and general business knowledge and best practice. Stories include upcoming CITT webinars and relevant stories from top business sites and bloggers.

The Community Centre is where we keep you up-to-date with the latest news in the CITT community. Stories include details of upcoming CITT events and announcements of when a CCLP or CITT student is the news or wins an award.

The Resource Hub also includes feature stories, the CITT event calendar, and information about area council events.

Of course, it’s your Resource Hub. If you’ve got any thoughts on the kinds of content you’d like to see in the Hub, get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to hear from you!